1. Key ally to Afghan president murdered
    A senior adviser to Afghan President Hamid Karzai has been murdered at his home near the parliament in Kabul, a senior government official told AFP on Sunday.
  2. Iraq: Riyadh Fosters Terrorism
    Iraqi parliamentarians have accused Saudi Arabia of variously contributing to the deadly terrorist activities carried out on the violence-hit country’s soil.
  3. BREAKING NEWS: Bahrain’s Main Opposition Quits National Dialogue
    Wefaq decides to pull out of the government-sponsored National Consensus Dialogue
  4. Egypt FM resigns in midst of cabinet shuffle
    Egypt’s foreign minister Mohammed al-Orabi resigned as Prime Minister Essam Sharaf appointed two deputies in the first steps towards a sweeping cabinet shuffle aimed at appeasing protesters.
  5. Tehran hosts Islamic countries’ skill training supervisory committee meetings
    The third round of meetings of the Islamic countries’ skill training consultative and supervisory committee has commenced in Tehran in the presence of twelve Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) member states.
  6. South Yemen tribes turn against Qaeda allies
    ADEN — Tribes with close ties to Al Qaeda in a south Yemen province are turning against the militant group after it seized the city of Zinjibar, bringing only chaos and destruction, tribal sources say.
  7. Indonesia volcano spews ash in biggest eruption
    TOMOHON — A government volcanologist says a rumbling volcano in central Indonesia has re-erupted, sending panicked residents racing down back to shelters. There were no immediate reports of casualties.
  8. Anti-regime Bahraini students denied academic studies
    The Bahraini Polytechnic University has deprived 49 students of academic studies.
  9. The Promised Imam Mahdi (a)
    The Birth of the Imam (A.S): Al Hujjat ibn Al -Hassan Al – Mahdi (as) the 12th divine leader of Islam was born on dawn, Friday the 15th of Shaaban 255 AH correspondent to 868 AD in the house of the 11th Imam (as) in the city of Samerrah (Iraq).
  10. Iraq reacts to Kuwait nuclear plans
    Iraq and Kuwait have locked horns over a new nuclear reactor that Kuwait plans to build near Um Qasur port in the southern Iraqi city of Basra.