1. Egypt’s military seeks future political role
    Egypt’s ruling generals are seeking to enshrine a future role with considerable independence from civilian leaders and possibly an authority to intervene in politics.
  2. Two Shia Injured In a Wahabi Terrorists Attack on Shia Mosques and Houses
    Two Shiite Muslims were critically injured in the attacked of the terrorists of outlawed organizations of Nasabai-Wahabi terrorists’ organizations of Sipah-e-Sahaba and Laskhar-e-Jhangvi on Tuesday.
  3. Spain to Build High-Speed Rail Network Linking Medina-Mecca
    A Spanish consortium has won a contract worth 7.0 billion euros ($10 billion) to build a high-speed rail network linking Medina, Jeddah and the Muslim pilgrimage site of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Spanish media said on Tuesday.
  4. Bahrainis hold protest rally in Sitra
    Thousands of Bahraini anti-government protesters have poured into thestreets in the island city of Sitra to call for the removal of the Al Khalifa royal family from power.
  5. China Set to Kill Muslims in Xinjiang
    At least 20 Muslim protesters from China’s minority Uighur community have been killed in a clash with police in the troubled northwestern region of Xinjiang.
  6. Pakistani Shias Commemorate Birth Anniversary of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) Across the Country
    Birth anniversary of twelve Imam of Shiite, Imam Mahdi (AJF), commemorate across the Pakistan as the day of Mustazafeen (Oppressed People) “Youm-e-Mustazafeen-e-Jahan”.
  7. Yemeni army shelling kills more than 20 militants
    Residents of a town in southern Yemen overrun by radical Islamists say government shelling has killed more than 20 militants in the past two days.
  8. Jamia Millia Islamia awarded as the Best ICT Enabled Higher Education Institution of the Year
    New Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia has received the best jury award for ICT enabled Institution of Higher Learning in the World Education Summit 2011 held at New Delhi.
  9. Mortars hit near Afghan transition ceremony
    A mortar attack on Tuesday marred the transition of responsibility from NATO to Afghan officials in Mehtar Lam, the second of seven areas due to be transferred this week.
  10. Low-intensity blasts rock Multan
    At least five persons were injured when two low-intensity blasts took place in an imambargah in Piran Ghaib area in wee hours of Monday. The members of Shia community held special prayers in connection with the appearance of Imam Mehdi and they were about to hold a procession to observe the ritual of throwing letters in the canal.Police suspected that unidentified persons threw crackers when the procession was preparing to go out of the worship place.