1. ‘State conspiring against Urdu’
    JAIPUR: Taking strong cognisance of the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan derecognising high school and intermediate degrees issued by Jamia Urdu, Aligarh (JUA), the members of the latter claimed that the state government had ‘conspiracy against Urdu language’.
  2. Saudi to sell more crude after Iran cuts supply
    NEW DELHI: Top exporter Saudi Arabia approved sales of 3 million barrels of extra crude to India for August to make up for a loss of shipments from Iran due to a payment dispute, sources with direct knowledge of the sale said on Tuesday.
  3. Al-Qaida in Iraq explores new ventures in fundraising drive
    List of potential activities to fill empty coffers sound more like protection rackets and organised crime scams than jihad
  4. ‘US violated Pak trust in Abbottabad raid’
    ISLAMABAD – The United States abused Pakistan’s trust and the army was taken by surprise on the day American troops carried out a covert operation to kill Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Director-General of Military Operations (DGMO) Major General Ashfaq Nadeem told an inquiry panel probing the matter.
  5. Qaeda militant, children, killed by own bomb
    KIRKUK, Iraq – An Al-Qaeda militant has been killed together with his two children when a car bomb he was making at his home exploded near the northern Iraq city of Kirkuk, police said on Tuesday.
  6. Egypt women demand equal rights in new charter
    CAIRO — Fifteen Egyptian groups called on Wednesday for women’s rights to be guaranteed in the new constitution, after a popular uprising that toppled the regime paved the way for a new charter.
  7. Wefaq : Proposal to Expand Powers of Bahrain Parliament ‘LIES’
    “The dialogue is clearly theatre, the goal of which was to market a particular dish … What came out of the official media on the dialogue exposes lies and deceit,” Wefaq official Sayed Hadi al-Mousawi said.
  8. Amnesty International Website Blocked in Saudi Arabia
    Access to the Amnesty International website was blocked on Monday in Saudi Arabia, after the human rights organization criticized the Arabian Kingdom’s draft anti-terror law that would “stifle peaceful protest”.
  9. Vastanvi supporters slam Shoora, ready for PIL war
    LUCKNOW: A day after Ghulam Mohammad Vastanvi was removed as vice-chancellor of Darul Uloom by the Shoora, his supporters girded up to challenge the decision in court.
  10. Libyan rebels have conceded ground since bombing began
    Fresh diplomatic efforts are under way to try to end Libya’s bloody civil war, with the UN special envoy flying to Tripoli to hold talks after Britain followed France in accepting that Muammar Gaddafi cannot be bombed into exile.