1. Tensions flare in Yemen capital after heavy fighting
    SANAA – Yemen opposition forces deployed armoured vehicles across streets freshly lined with sandbags in the capital Sanaa as tens of thousands gathered for prayers and protests both for and against President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s three-decade rule.
  2. A Year Later, Funding Still Needed for Pakistan Flood Victims
    This week marks one year since historic flooding submerged a fifth of Pakistan and displaced more than 4 million people. In one of Asia’s poorest nations, many of those affected are still without homes or means of income.
  3. Tens of thousands rally for unity in Egypt
    CAIRO — Tens of thousands of Egyptians rallied in Cairo’s central Tahrir Square on Friday seeking to unify their demands despite rifts over key issues between liberal activists and Islamist groups.
  4. Bahrain Talks Fail to Appease Opposition
    Bahrain’s so-called national dialog has failed to appease the country’s opposition amid rising concerns over the government’s determination to carve out a balanced solution out of the current crisis in the Persian Gulf sheikdom.
  5. Tablighi Jamaat centre breeding ground for extremists, says Malik
    LONDON: Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that Tablighi missionary centre in Raiwaind is the breeding ground of extremism and terrorism in Pakistan as the centre has a major role in brainwashing the extremists.
  6. Pakistan Taliban say they have Swiss hostages
    PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Pakistan Taliban militants on Friday said they were holding a Swiss couple kidnapped a month ago while on holiday in the remote province of Baluchistan.
  7. Roadside bomb kills 19 in south Afghanistan
    KANDAHAR – A roadside mine exploded under a civilian minibus in southern Afghanistan on Friday, killing all 19 people inside, the head of the intelligence service for Helmand province said.
  8. Moderate quake hits remote area in southeast Iran
    TEHRAN, Iran – Iran says a magnitude 4.6 earthquake has rattled a remote region in the southeast.
  9. Egyptian plane catches fire at Cairo airport
    CAIRO – Airport officials say some 300 passengers were rushed off an Egypt Air plane that caught fire before takeoff from Cairo.
  10. Gunmen kill seven Shia pilgrims in Quetta
    QUETTA: Unidentified gunmen opened fire on a bus stand in southwestern Pakistan in Quetta on Friday, killing seven Shia pilgrims and injuring 12, waiting to travel to neighbouring Iran at the office of a transportation company, police said.