1. Student sit-in in Bahrain bears consequences
    Tens of Bahraini college students have been deprived of participation in Bahrain University for taking part in the sit-in protest in front of the university against the ruling regime of Ale-Khalifa.
  2. US drone strike kill 25 persons in NWA
    MIRANSHAH, (SANA): At least 25 persons were killed and two others injured in the result of the US drone attack in Kharwani area near Gora Qabristan at North Waziristan Agency here on Wednesday.
  3. Jordan tries 150 accused of attacks during protest
    AMMAN, Jordan — Jordan’s state security court on Wednesday began the trial of 150 hard-liners charged with attempting to undermine the country’s security and injuring 83 policemen during a protest.
  4. Grand Shia Cleric: Wahhabis do not have a lot of information about Islam
    Grand Shia cleric deprecated the recent Fatwa issued about Hosni Mubarak by an Egyptian Wahabi mufti.
  5. French Fast Food Chain Keeps Halal Branches Open till Midnight for Ramadan
    In France this year, with sunset coming well after 9 PM, one leading fast food chain is seeking Muslim business by keeping its doors open an extra two hours.
  6. Quran Calligraphy Works to Display in Moscow
    As many as 50 Quranic calligraphy works are on display at the Oriental Arts Exhibition in the Russian capital of Moscow.
  7. Forensic experts to see Bahrain ‘torture’ victims
    MANAMA — The international probe panel assigned to investigate recent unrest in Bahrain will have a team of forensic medical experts from outside the country come in to look at all individuals who have complained of physical mistreatment and torture.
  8. Amnesty: Released Bahraini Shia MPs Still Threatened by Government Repression
    Amnesty International indicated on Monday that the two anti-regime Bahraini Members of Parliament freed on Sunday, Matar Matar and Jawad Fairuz, might still be facing criminal charges despite their release.
  9. “Bahrain Doc.com” Launches by Alwefaq, Bahrain Largest Shia Party
    Alwefaq National Islamic Society has launched a website to collect the facts and figures regarding violation occurred during peaceful protest for the rights in Bahrain.
  10. US hits Syrian bank, cellular firm with sanctions
    The United States slapped sanctions on Wednesday on Syria’s largest commercial bank and cellphone operator.