1. Suicide Bombs in Iraq Have Killed 12,000 Civilians, Study Says
    BAGHDAD — While sophisticated roadside bombs have taken a heavy toll on American troops over the course of the war here, suicide bombings have largely been a hallmark of sectarian warfare. Independent researchers have now tried to quantify their damage, poring through data compiled from death reports to conclude that more than 12,000 Iraqis have been killed in at least 1,000 suicide attacks since the American-led invasion.
  2. Iraq-based Kurdish rebels to unite against Iran
    ARBIL, IRAQ – The separatist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which has battled Turkey for years, said on Saturday it will aid another north Iraq-based Kurdish rebel group in fighting against Iranian forces.
  3. Is chaos casting its shadow on Bahrain again?
    The killing on Wednesday of an under-aged Bahraini boy has re-ignited the revolution and took the country into what could become a decisive phase of its revolution.
  4. Bahraini Authorities Impudently Deny Responsibility for Killing “Ali Jawad Ahmad”
    Bahraini Interior Ministry claimed police had no role in killing the teenager Ali Jawad Ahmad al-Shiekh. Impudent authorities also declared a reward of $26,500 for information about the teenager’s killers.
  5. Pakistani Shia Muslims Demand End of Genocide
    The routine target killing of Shiite Muslims in Pakistan have created critical situation. The genocide of selected innocent Shiite Muslims including doctors, engineers, professors, politicians, advocates, businessmen, security personals and other people who are part of life have made great tension.
  6. Construction of Imam Ali mosque in Denmark
    Construction of Imam Ali mosque in 2000 square kilometer land in Denmark 50 million Crowns will be expenditure for this construction.
  7. Bahrainis stress collapse of the discriminate regime
    Bahraini people once more stressed collapse of the ruling regime of Ale-Khalifa, pouring into the streets in different cities.
  8. An Irish organization describes the doctor’s situation in Bahrain as horrific
    The “Front Line for Human rights” organization deputy in Ireland, Andrew Anderson, considered that the situation in Bahrain does not show a sign of a peaceful solution any time soon.
  9. Leak to prompt Iraq review of deadly U.S. raid in 2006
    BAGHDAD — Iraq’s government will reopen an investigation into a 2006 raid in which U.S. forces killed at least 11 Iraqi civilians, including women and children, a spokesman for Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said Friday.
  10. Justice Department, Georgia city settle over discrimination claims
    The U.S. Justice Department reached a settlement with the Georgia city of Lilburn over claims it discriminated against a Muslim congregation’s request to build a new worship center.