1. Iraq accounts for six of 14 escaped prisoners
    MOSUL — Iraqi police have arrested two fugitive prisoners and found four others drowned out of a group of 14 who escaped from jail in the city of Mosul using a tunnel, a security official said on Sunday.
  2. Iran’s first nuclear power plant connected to grid
    Iran’s first nuclear power plant has started adding electricity to the national grid, media reported on Sunday, coming on stream on Saturday night after years of delays.
  3. Bahraini regime pressuring family of martyred teenager to give false testimony
    A Bahraini opposition spokesman revealed on Saturday that the Manama regime has exerted excessive pressure on the family of a teenage protester who was killed by the Bahraini security forces earlier this week to give a false testimony to the court in a bid to exonerate the government from the crime.
  4. Bahrain Shia Cleric Blames Police for Teenage Protester’s Martyrdom
    Ayatollah Sheik Isa Qassim, senior Shiite cleric has blamed security forces for the martyrdom of a young protester in Bahrain.
  5. Captured Terrorist: “The Saudi, Jordan are involved in Syrian Terrorist Actions”
    Syrian officials say a captured terrorist has confessed to receiving foreign aid and instructions from contacts in Saudi Arabia and Jordan to deface Damascus.
  6. Armed Wahabi terrorists martyred Shia man violently Dera Ismail Khan
    Armed Nasabi-Wahabi terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi on Saturday martyred the Shia man at violent Dera Ismail Khan (D.I.Khan).
  7. 2500 Egyptians to Replace Bahrain Sacked Workers
    According to Al-Wasat, 2500 egyptian teachers were brought to replace sacked bahraini workers who asked for rights and freedom.
  8. Detained Bahrain medics’ kids join hunger strike
    Children of the detained Bahraini medical personnel arrested for treating injured anti-government protesters have gone on hunger strike, after it was revealed that their parents have also staged a hunger strike.
  9. CIVICUS urges Bahrain Government to stop sham trials of activists
    World Alliance for Citizen Participation in solidarity with regional civil society groups urges the Government of Bahrain to stop the ongoing sham trials of pro-democracy activists and provide them the right to appeal lengthy and unjust sentences in regular civilian courts.
  10. Continual Killing of Shia in Pakistan; Another Shia Martyred in Karachi
    The target killing of Shia Muslims have been continued in Karachi as the armed terrorists of Awami National Party (ANP) associated with outlawed Lashkar-e-Jhangvi on Saturday late night gunned down another Shia Man in Hussain Hazara Goth Karachi.