1. Empowering the People of Parachinari Shia with Good Health
    Khoja Shia World Federation uplifts the diagnostic facilities at Hyderi Diagnostic Centre in Parachinar, Pakistan.
  2. Health of Saudi Shia human rights defender deteriorates following his release from prison
    Since his release from prison on 18 July 2011, the health of human rights defender Hussein Abdulla Al Yusuf has rapidly deteriorated.
  3. Three soldiers, a policeman and journalist among eight killed in Iraq
    THREE soldiers, a policeman and a journalist were among eight people killed Saturday in attacks in Iraq, security officials said.
  4. Analysis: Obama’s risky calculus on Iraq troop levels
    When it comes to the tricky political calculus of deciding how many U.S. troops to keep in Iraq, President Barack Obama may truly have no good options.
  5. Al-Qaeda militants ‘crossing into Syria from Iraq’
    Al-Qaeda militants have been moving in to Syria from neighboring Iraq to take part in operations against the Syrian army and security forces, a top Iraqi border official told the al-Afaq TV channel on Saturday.
  6. Syria reopens its border point with Iraq
    Syria has reopened its border point with Iraq at the Iraqi border entrance of al-Qaim, after two months of its closure, a source in Iraq’s Border Command in Anbar Province stated on Saturday.
  7. Energy experts to convene at Iraq Future Energy 2011 to discuss the future of energy industry
    Globally reputed energy specialists will come together from 26 — 29 September 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey, to participate in the Iraq 2011: Future Energy conference and share their knowledge.
  8. Military Commander of underground “Islamic State of Iraq” detained
    A military commander of the underground “Islamic State of Iraq” has been detained in southern Iraq’s Wassit Province on Friday, a Wassit security source reported.
  9. Iran Arrests 2 Ringleaders of PJAK Terrorist Group
    The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) arrested two senior commanders of the terrorist PJAK group in an operation in the Northwestern parts of the country.
  10. Iran Produces 97% of Needed Medicine at Home
    A senior Iranian legislator announced on Saturday that the country produces 97% of its needs to different types of drugs and medications.