1. Azerbaijan to toughen school hijab ban enforcement
    BAKU: Azerbaijan will punish parents who defy a ban on girls wearing the hijab in schools in the mainly Muslim but officially secular state, the education ministry said on Wednesday.
  2. Robbery at Gunpoint and vandalism: crimes systematically committed against Bahraini pro-democracy citizens
    The Bahrain Center for Human Rights condemns the acts of systematic vandalism and robbery at gunpoint committed by the Bahraini security forces and army against pro-democracy protesters.
  3. US says Saudi violates rights of religious minorities
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The US has classified Saudi Arabia as a violator of religious freedom along with China, Afghanistan, Russia and Pakistan in a new report that names several US allies.
  4. Bahrain regime continues targeting students and teachers
    Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses its deepest concern over the deterioration of the educational system in Bahrain caused by unwarranted decisions taken by the government of Bahrain targeting teachers and university students.
  5. Cut terror’s Saudi pocket money
    Another terrorist incident, this time at Delhi high court, and the same old response — a lot of helter-skelter activity amounting to little.
  6. Bahraini Forces Martyred a Peaceful Protester
    At least one anti-government protester has been killed in Bahrain after Saudi-backed Bahraini troops fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators demanding an end to the Al Khalifa rule.
  7. Pakistani Shia Ulema’s to be party in Supreme Court hearing on Karachi situation
    Karachi (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Shia Ulema Council (SUC) Sindh have submitted an application in Supreme Court of Pakistan Karachi registry for making Shia Ulema Council a party a party in the Supreme Court suo-moto case hearings on Karachi law and order situation.
  8. Journalists and Shia Students held in Parachinar
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The Political Authorities arrested several journalists and Activists of Youth of Parachinar (YoP) on Tuesday from Parachinar Press Club.
  9. US and Iraq make slow progress over troops
    With less than four months to go until the US’s self-imposed deadline for ending the expensive and unpopular eight-year war in Iraq, Washington and Baghdad are struggling to agree on the kind of relationship they will have next year.