1. Deadly Taliban attack on Pakistan checkpoint
    Heavily armed Taliban fighters have stormed a police post in Pakistan’s tribal border area, triggering clashes that left at least 15 people dead.
  2. Egypt’s Shias to form political party, run in elections
    Egypt’s Shia minority has announced its intention to run in the parliamentary elections slated for November.
  3. Wahhabi Administrators Released Shia Students & Journalists in Parachinar
    After the protest by the residents of Parachniar, social and political circles the biased Wahhabi political administration of Kurram Agency has released the journalists and Shia Students, who were arrested for addressing and covering the incident of firing of the biased security officials on the protesting students of Youth of Parachinar (YoP).
  4. U.S.: Shia Face Systematic and Pervasive Discrimination in Saudi Arabia
    Shia face systematic and pervasive official and legal discrimination, including in education, employment, the military, housing, political representation, the judiciary, religious practice, and media.
  5. 4 suspects freed in Iraqi bus Shia massacre
    Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki tried on Saturday to ease sectarian tensions over a bus massacre that killed 22 Shiite pilgrims, as authorities released four suspects in the execution-style slayings.
  6. 7th Int’l Congress of Victims of Terrorism Condemns MKO Terrorist Group
    Participants in the 7th International Congress of the Victims of Terrorism in Paris strongly condemned the anti-Iran terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) for its crimes against the Iranian people and the nationals of other countries.
  7. General: Foreigners helped in Iraqi bus massacre
    The top military adviser to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says foreigners were among the gunmen who hijacked a bus in a Sunni-dominated Iraqi region last week and killed 22 Shiite pilgrims