1. Bahrain releases 25 women illegally seized in election protest
    Bahrain said on Tuesday it had released 25 Shi’ite women arrested last week over protest for political reforms and denied that they had been abused in detention
  2. Shiite Blogger Found Not Guilty of Royal Twitter Insults by Kuwait Court
    A Kuwaiti court yesterday ordered a Shiite man accused of insulting the royal families of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia on Twitter to be released from prison while finding him guilty of contempt of religion.
  3. Washington is the main culprit behind insecurities in Iraq
    A senior member of the Shiite Sadr Movement condemned US as responsible for the recent deadly bombings and unrests in Iraq, saying that Washington is the main culprit behind insecurities in the war-torn country.
  4. Iraq: Car bomb at Shiite neighborhood restaurant kills 3
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – A police official say san explosion took place late Tuesday near a popular restaurant in the Shiite neighborhood of Jisr Diyala in the southwest of the Iraqi capital.
  5. US embassy in Saudi warns of ‘terror kidnap plot’
    RIYADH — The US embassy in Riyadh on Wednesday warned American citizens of a plot by a “terrorist group” to kidnap Westerners in the Saudi capital.
  6. Iraq makes first payment for US F-16s
    Country to buy 18 fighter jets worth about $3 billion from US in deal which involves training of Iraqi pilots.
  7. Bangladesh government claims detecting terror fund from Kuwait and Saudi
    Bangladesh government has detected an annual inflow of US$ 15 million suspected terror funding from dubious sources in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, which came to International Islamic University [IIU] situated in Chittagong in the country as “grant”.
  8. 103,000 books to take part in Imam Reza Festival
    Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mohammad Husseini, says as many as 103,270 book titles are produced to partake in the International Imam Reza Festival and the Digital Media Festival.