1. Iran offensive kills 180 Kurdish rebels: Guards
    A deputy chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said the force had killed more than 180 Kurdish rebels in a summer offensive along the northwestern border with Iraq.
  2. ‘Al-Hussain (AS) Tharallah’ Serial to Be Produced in Karbala
    A religious serial titled ‘Al-Hussain (AS) Tharallah’ is planned to be produced in the Iraqi holy city of Karbala.
  3. Over 900 Works Sent for Imam Hussein (AS) Festival
    Cultural-art deputy of the General Office of Islamic Culture and Guidance in East Azerbaijan Province announced that over 900 works in various categories have been sent to the secretariat of Imam Hussein (AS) festival.
  4. Iran to hold Imam Reza (PBUH) festival
    Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is planning to hold the 9th International Imam Reza (PBUH) Festival in different countries.
  5. Group of Wahabis detained in Bashkortostan
    Nine local residents believed to be Wahabis have been detained in Bashkortostan on suspicion of illegal possession of arms and ousting the imam of the mosque in the town of Baimak, the Bashkir Interior Ministry press service reported.
  6. Bahraini protester gets death sentence
    A Bahraini military court has sentenced a protester to death for alleged killing of a policeman during anti-regime demonstrations in the authoritarian Persian Gulf country.
  7. Islamic charity leader sentenced to nearly 3 years
    Associated Press= EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — The leader of the U.S. branch of a defunct Islamic charity has been sentenced to nearly three years in prison after being convicted of helping to smuggle $150,000 to Saudi Arabia.