1. ‘Majlis report on bank scam almost done’
    An Iranian lawmaker says Iran’s Majlis (parliament) will finalize its report on the recent bank scam involving seven private and public banks by the end of the week.
  2. Blasts kill six north of Iraqi capital
    At least six people, including four anti-Qaeda fighters, have been killed after two roadside bombs went off north of the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad, a police officer says.
  3. Shia-Catholic Dialogue Held in Rome
    A three-day conference titled “Shia-Catholic Dialogue” was held in Rome recently, the website of the University of Religions and Denominations reported.
  4. Iraqis to Stage Demonstrations Against Continued Occupation
    A senior member of the Shiite Sadr Movement announced on Saturday that the Iraqi people are due to hold massive demonstrations in different cities of the war-torn country tomorrow to voice their strong protest at the continued occupation of their homeland by the US forces.
  5. ‘Women of Ashoura’ multilingual software produced
    The first multimedia software ‘Women of Ashoura’ includes a collection of articles, poems and quotes by eminent figures about the character of Hazrat Zeynab (AS) and other women involved in the movement of Ashoura in four foreign languages.
  6. Numerous Bahrainis boycott second round of vote
    Numerous Bahrainis have boycotted the second and final round of the Persian Gulf kingdoms controversial parliamentary by-elections.
  7. Jail sentences for two Bahraini bloggers condemned as “unfair and outrageous”
    Bahrain Press Association “BPA”, the London-based association concerned with defending Bahrain media and press people, condemns the sentences of 15-year imprisonment ruled by a military court
  8. International commission demanded to probe Shia Hazara killings
    Hazara Mughal Solidarity Forum Pakistan has called for formation of an international commission to determine reasons for ongoing incidents of target killing and other motives in Quetta.
  9. Two injured in grenade attack on Shia leader Shop in Karachi
    At least two people sustained injuries as they came under hand grenade attacks in Qasba Colony Karachi on late Saturday Night.