1. HRW: Pakistan Should Protect Shia Community
    In the wake of recent incidents of sectarian violence in Balochistan, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) has urged the government to provide protection to the Shia community and hold accountable those responsible for targeted killings.
  2. “Imamate and Infallibility of Shia Imams (a.s)” Published in English
    The English translation of “Imamate and Infallibility of Imams (a.s) in the Qur’an” published by the publication of the Ahlul Bayt (a.s) World Assembly.To read this book and other publications of Ahlul Bayt (a.s) World Assembly take a visit to www.ahlulbaytportal.com.
  3. Pakistan moves against Shia killers, 70 held
    Islamabad: Pakistani security forces have raided several places in Quetta city and arrested over 70 people in connection with the gunning down of at least 40 Shia Muslims during the past fortnight in sectarian violence in the region.
  4. Opposition members call for Governor’s Rule in Balochistan
    Federal ministers, PPP parliamentarians and opposition members unleashed severe criticism on the government for the continuous killing of members of the Hazara Shia community in Balochistan, demanding the imposition of governor’s rule in the province and asking the federal government to resign.
  5. Bahraini Shia request to hold rally turned down
    Bahraini authorities yesterday banned the Shia opposition from organising a demonstration against the jailing of medics and activists over their roles in pro-democracy protests quelled in mid-March
  6. Saudi Shia cleric urges protesters to avoid violence
    A prominent Saudi Shia cleric has urged protesters to use “words” rather than “bullets” in their fight for equality in the Sunni-ruled kingdom after violent clashes in a Shia village.
  7. Saudi forces pull out of Shia troublespots
    The Saudi security forces are pulling back in troubled parts of the oil-rich country’s Eastern Province to avoid further confrontation with Shia protesters, say human rights activists, but they warn that any small incident might provoke fresh clashes.
  8. Bahraini prosecutor orders retrial of Shia medics
    Bahrain’s public prosecutor on Wednesday ordered a retrial of 20 Shia medics jailed by a security court for up to 15 years on charges related to a month of pro-democracy protests.
  9. Bahrain jails 13 over bid to burn police station
    A Bahraini special court on Wednesday sentenced 13 Shia’s to five years in jail for trying to set ablaze a police station during democracy protests, the chief military prosecutor said.
  10. Iraq denies immunity for US troops after 2011
    Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi prime minister, has won enough backing from Shia, Sunni and Kurdish political blocs to keep some US soldiers in Iraq as military trainers, but without granting them immunity if they commit crimes.