1. Bahraini party to go on hunger strike
    The Bahraini opposition party, Wa’ad, is planning to go on a hunger strike to express solidarity with the detained political activists who are also on hunger strike.
  2. Bahraini medics tell of torture ahead of retrial
    Bahraini medical workers who were handed lengthy jail terms for their alleged support of pro-democracy protests hope they will get a fair trial now they have had their sentences overturned.
  3. Uprising in Saudi Arabia? America won’t allow it
    POSE a threat to the stability of Saudi Arabia, as Shia protesters are said to to have done in Awamiya, according to reports this week from the country’s oil-rich Eastern Province, and you’re brandishing a scalpel over the very heart of long-term US policy in the Middle East.
  4. Saudi troops attack Qatif protesters
    Saudi troops have opened fire on anti-government protesters in the eastern city of Qatif, injuring at least one demonstrator, reports say.
  5. Bahrain Protesters Clash With Police Near Capital After Teenager’s Funeral
    Security forces clashed with demonstrators along a central highway west of Bahrain’s capital, Manama, on Friday, in what appeared to be among the largest protests in months.
  6. Saudi Shia Cleric, Sheikh Nemr Refuses Use of Violence against Security Forces
    Sheikh Nemr Baqir al-Nemr prohibited the use of violence against the security forces emphasizing that “Our position is not responding to lead bullets with firearms.”
  7. Bahrain Shias Mourn Teen Protester’s Martyrdom
    Thousands join funeral procession after 16-year-old boy is killed by bird shot during a demonstration on Thursday night.
  8. Seven killed in Iraq attacks
    Baghdad: Gun and bomb attacks in Baghdad and central Iraq have killed seven people, while a representative of the country’s top Shiite cleric was wounded, officials said.