1. Six Indian oil workers killed in Iran shipwreck
    TEHRAN Oct 23 (Reuters) – Six Indian divers trapped inside an Iranian boat ferrying oil workers that sank in the Gulf on Thursday were found dead, having run out of oxygen before they could be rescued, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on Monday.
  2. US senator talks about military options in Syria
    SOUTHERN SHUNEH, JORDAN: US Senator John McCain said on Sunday that military action to protect civilians in Syria might be considered now that NATO’s air campaign in Libya is ending.
  3. Costly Iraq war may mark shift in U.S. approach
    BALI, Indonesia (AP) — In the final days of the U.S. war in Iraq, the outlook for America’s military entanglements is markedly different from the confusing first days of the invasion.
  4. ANALYSIS-Investors seen undeterred by US withdrawal from Iraq
    BAGHDAD, Oct 23 (Reuters) – Foreign investors eager to snap up development projects in key oil producer Iraq are unlikely to balk after the United States withdraws all its troops at the end of the year as long as security does not deteriorate.
  5. Saudi Crown Prince’s Death to Enflame Power Struggle in Royal Family
    A London-based analyst said that the death of Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz will have devastating consequences for the Al Saud dynasty and fuel the ongoing power struggle among the royal family as tension and unrests grow in the Eastern parts of the country.
  6. Saudi Wahhabi Authorities Detained a Shia Youth
    On 22 October 2011 , the Saudi Security authorities arrested the Shi’ite citizen (Humaily al- Humaily) , from Awwamiyya town in Qatif .
  7. No need for Mehdi Army if US forces withdrawn, Sadrist
    A leading member in Ahrar bloc, affiliate to the National Alliance, said that there is no justification for the return of the military wing of Sadrist Trend, Mehdi Army, if the US forces are withdrawn, pointing out that his bloc will “strongly” support the government.
  8. U.S.-Afghan strategic pact a serious threat to region
    An Iranian Foreign Ministry says the strategic pact between the United States and Afghanistan is a serious threat to security in the region.
  9. Turkey Says It Killed 49 in Battling Kurd Rebels
    ISTANBUL — More than 49 Kurdish insurgents were killed in the first two days of a new Turkish military offensive against P.K.K. rebels in southeastern Turkey and northern Iraq, the military said Saturday.