1. Civilian court begins Bahrain medics’ retrial
    MANAMA — A civilian court on Sunday began the retrial for 20 Bahraini medical personnel. Officials in Bahrain ordered a new trial earlier this month after international backlash to the verdicts by a special security court, which found the doctors and nurses guilty of backing anti-government protests and attempting to overthrow the government.
  2. U.S. discusses new Iran sanctions with EU allies
    LONDON (Reuters) – The United States is seeking European support for tougher sanctions on Iran in response to an alleged plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to Washington, a senior U.S. official said on Monday.
  3. HRW: Bahrain: Medics Describe Torture in Detention
    Medical staff convicted by a military court of alleged serious crimes during the period of anti-government protests in Bahrain in early 2011 were subjected to abuse and torture in detention, Human Rights Watch said today.
  4. Iran Has No Clue to Assume Imam Musa Sadr Dead
    There is no credible and convincing clue or information proving that the Iran-born Lebanese Shiite Leader, Imam Musa al-Sadr, is dead, an Iranian deputy foreign minister said.
  5. Halal Products Exhibited in Kazakhstan
    The 2nd edition of Kazakhstan International Halal Expo 2011 and KazFood 2011 was held by ExpoDamu Company and the Association of Halal Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana.
  6. Qaddafi funding Anti-Shia Terrorist Group of Sipahe Sahaba: Wikileaks
    Wikileaks has always been placed on the front pages of our media except this as it was about the banned Sipah-e-Sahaba fundings from Libya.
  7. Qom to Host “Islam & Orthodox Christianity” Conference
    The Al-Mustafa International University plans to organize a conference on “Islam and Orthodox Christianity” in Qom.
  8. Turkey quake: Iran sends rescue teams
    Tehran – Iran’s Red Crescent has sent rescue teams, ambulances and a field hospital to Turkey to help out in the wake of a devastating quake there, the state news agency IRNA reported on Monday.