1. Pakistani Shia leaders give 20th Nov deadline to the Government to fulfill 6 demands
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The leaders of various Shia organizations, Ulema’s and local organizations on Friday given the 20th November deadline to the government to fulfill their demands and warned that they would stage countrywide anti-Government protest if the government will not implement on their demands.
  2. Shiite Turkmen demonstrate to regain their lands
    Tens of Shiite Turkmen demonstrated before Kirkuk province premises to demand regaining their original lands in their villages.
  3. Dozens of Bahraini protesters lose their eyes + Pics
    Direct targeting of the head and eye is the price of demanding the legitimate rights. Injured protesters deprived from medical care and arrested from the health centers.
  4. Iraq economic growth to rise to 9pct in 2012
    Iraq’s gross domestic product growth should rise to 9 per cent in 2012 from around 6 per cent currently, mainly driven by an expected increase in oil production and exports, a senior central bank official said on Sunday.
  5. Preparations for US Iraq withdrawal in full swing
    At a US base south of Baghdad, trucks plod in either direction amid a hive of activity: with the clock ticking on a year-end withdrawal from Iraq, preparations are in full swing.
  6. Iraq forces not ready until 2020
    Iraq will not be fully able to defend its borders and airspace until at least 2020, a watchdog quoted Iraq’s top general as saying in a report.
  7. W.H. plans increased military presence in Gulf
    After announcing this month the complete drawdown from troops in Iraq by the end of the year, the Pentagon is planning to increase its military presence in the Persian Gulf region, the New York Times reports.
  8. RSS ideologue and Muslim cleric agree on electoral reforms
    LUCKNOW: RSS ideologue KS Sudarshan met prominent Shia cleric Kalbe Sadiq in Lucknow. The two leaders talked about changes in the electoral system which can keep away caste and communal factors from influencing elections. The meeting was organised by the Muslim Rashtriya Manch, akin of BJP.
  9. Edmonton imam assaulted, arrested in Saudi Arabia, witness says
    EDMONTON — An Edmonton imam was assaulted and arrested early Sunday morning while on a pilgrimage in the Saudi Arabian city of Medina, a witness says.