1. Iran hopes for “calm” Saudi hajj amid plot tensions
    Iran is hoping the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia currently underway will be “very calm” despite bilateral tensions worsened by US allegations of an Iran plot to kill a Saudi ambassador.
  2. Quota for Muslim OBCs soon, says Khurshid
    A day after former RSS chief KS Sudarshan met Shia cleric Kalbe Sadiq at Unity College in Lucknow, Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid visited the same college on Monday and in Sadiq’s presence promised that the government would soon bring “quota within quota” for Muslim OBCs.
  3. New Saudi Crown Prince Ordered to Arrest Shia Protesters
    On 29 October 2011, the Saudi security authorities detained the Shia citizens (Hani al-‘Arajnah and Sa’eed Sulais) from Awwamiyah town in Qatif city .
  4. Comprehensive Collection of Imam Hassan’s (AS) Sayings Published
    A collection of Imam Hassan’s (AS) sayings was published by the Hadith Group of Baqer-ol-‘Ulum Research Center.
  5. Bahrain royal accused in $6m UK corruption case
    A member of Bahrain’s royal family has been named as a co-conspirator in a UK fraud probe into deals made by a London-based businessman man between Alcoa, the US aluminium group, and state-backed Bahrain Aluminium (Alba), it was reported Sunday.
  6. Edmonton imam to keep low profile to end of pilgrimage
    A Canadian Muslim cleric will have to keep a low profile and stay quiet about being arrested, bruised, bloodied and shackled in a holding cell while he completes a pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.
  7. Sheikh Ali Salman: the protests will continue until we get rid of the dictatorship
    The Secretary General of Al-Wifaq (National Accord Association) Sheikh Ali Salman, and in the “Arab Spring” festival”, warned the Bahraini regime of a fate similar to Gaddafi’s. He stressed that the peaceful movements and protests will continue without any fear until the demands are achieved.
  8. Egyptian Shiite party prompts concerns about sectarian strife, Hezbollah ties
    While the debate about the religious designation of political parties in Egypt has since the ouster of the former focused on Islamist groups, another dimension has been added to the issue with the imminent establishment of a Shiite party.
  9. Iraq’s al-Maliki lashes out at Sunni province seeking autonomy
    BAGHDAD, Iraq — Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki Saturday lashed out at politicians seeking regional status for the mostly Sunni Salahuddin province, charging that they were seeking a “safe house for Baathists,” the banned party of the late dictator Saddam Hussein.