1. Bahrain King uses the systematic policy of torture against protesters
    The head of a fact-finding mission set up by the Bahraini government to investigate reports of the maltreatment of anti-regime detainees says Manama has used the systematic policy of torture against protesters.
  2. Arms sales to Bahrain under the scanner
    As Bahrain’s human rights record is probed, the US backs down from a proposed weapons deal with the troubled Gulf state.
  3. Saudi frees six Shia held in protests, activists say
    Saudi authorities have released six Shia etained after protests in the Eastern Province last spring, bringing to 23 those released in two days, activists said on Thursday.
  4. Elderly Shia man “beaten to death” by Bahraini police
    The elderly father of the second in command of Bahrain’s largest Shia opposition group Al-Wefaq died of his injuries on Thursday after riot police attacked him a day earlier, the organization said.
  5. 18 Shia martyred & 13 Injured in Pakistan on October
    More than 18 Shia Muslims were martyred and 13 injured in the attack of terrorists in last month of October besides the target killing of an Ahle-Sunnat brother Shaheed Qasim Ali, prime witness of Allama Hassan Turabi assassination case.
  6. Pakistani Pilgrims Pray for Deliverance From Taliban
    Pakistani pilgrims travelling to Mecca for the current Haj season have one prayer on their lips — to be delivered from the terror that the Taliban have unleashed on their country.
  7. Precautionary measures in Karbala for Eid visit
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Security and services to receive Iraqi visitors to the holy city were made for the occasion of Eid.
  8. Deadly twin blasts target guards in Iraq
    At least six security guards killed and dozens wounded as bombs go off in city of Baquba, northeast of capital Baghdad.
  9. Iraq desert dispute reignites sectarian feud
    AL NUKHAIB, IRAQ // An administrative spat between Iraq’s mainly Shiite Kerbala province and Sunni-dominated Anbar over a disputed tract of western desert could refuel sectarian conflict in a nation still battling to emerge from years of war.