1. Bahraini Opposition: Dehi Assassination Warns of Next Murders
    Bahraini Opposition Abroad strongly condemned the assassination of Ali el-Dehi, elderly father of the second in command of Bahrain’s largest opposition group Al-Wefaq, describing the incident as “new bloody target that warns of another series of assassination which may touch the opposition leaders and activists working in the political and technical field.
  2. Assassination plot targeting Iraqi premier foiled
    One of the Iraqi vice-presidents, Khazir Al-Khazai, has noted that an assassination plot, targeting the Iraqi Premier, Nouri Al-Maleki, has been thwarted.
  3. Seven indicted over Bhutto murder case
    A Pakistani court has indicted two police officers and five alleged Taliban militants over the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.
  4. Iraq: more blasts and few US gains
    With the remaining 33,000 US troops in Iraq preparing to leave, bomb blasts and a gasoline blaze in a market on this Muslim festival Sunday killed another 10 innocent persons and injured many others.
  5. Karbala Pilgrims Stage Rally in Support of Bahrain Uprising
    Muslim pilgrims of the holy shrine of Imam Hossein (AS) staged a rally in the Iraqi city of Karbala in support of the oppressed people in Bahrain.
  6. Iran to make biggest mosaic Quran
    Two Iranian are creating the world’s largest mosaic Qur’an under the supervision of a monitoring group selected by Dar al-Qur’an Institute.
  7. India celebrates Eid with fervor and gaity
    Eid-ul-Zuha or the Festival of Sacrifice was celebrated all over India with much fervor and celebrations with special prayers and the spirit of sacrifice.
  8. Kuwait denies US troops deployment report
    Kuwait on Sunday denied reports it would boost the number of US troops in the country as they withdraw from Iraq
  9. Iraqi PM says nation still in danger, urges vigilance against violence
    Iraq’s prime minister is urging his security forces to step up their vigilance against violence, saying the country “remains in the circle of danger.
  10. MP reports embezzlement in Najaf project
    There is a case of ‘serious fraud’ in a project intended for Najaf City, the Capital of Islamic Culture in 2012, an Iraqi MP warned.