1. Secrecy Row Delays Iraq Inquiry By Six Months
    The Iraq Inquiry report will be delayed by at least six months because of a row over the release of secret documents.
  2. Pakistani police starts crackdown against Shia Muslims in Karachi, 4 Shia men arrested
    Sindh Police has been started a massive crackdown against the Shia Muslims in Karachi ahead of Holy Month of Muharram despite the fact that more than 8 Shia Muslims were gunned down by the terrorists in last two months.
  3. 1st Ghadir Festival Held in Canada
    Concurrent with Eid AL-Ghadir, the 1st Ghadir festival was held with participation of about 1000 Shia Muslims in Ottawa, Canada.
  4. Bahraini rally slams US duplicity
    Bahraini protesters have staged an anti-US rally in the port city of Sitra, condemning US double standards toward the recent popular uprisings in the region.
  5. Iraq: 4 killed in car bomb attack south of Baghdad
    BAGHDAD: Iraqi officials say four people have been killed when a car bomb went off next to an Iraqi military patrol south of Baghdad.
  6. Iraqi women: Winners or losers in a war-torn society?
    As the remaining US troops in Iraq prepare to return home, how has life changed for women in the country they are leaving behind?
  7. Iraq executes Tunisian for mosque bombing
    Baghdad – Iraq has executed a Tunisian man convicted of involvement in a 2006 attack on a revered Shi’ite shrine that unleashed a wave of sectarian bloodshed, a justice ministry spokesperson said on Thursday.
  8. IAEA chief proposes high-level delegation to Tehran to discuss UN report
    VIENNA: The head of the UN atomic watchdog said on Thursday he has proposed to Iran a “high-level” visit to Tehran to discuss the body’s damning new report on the country’s nuclear programme.