1. United States and Its Allies Expand Sanctions on Iran
    WASHINGTON — Major Western powers took significant steps on Monday to cut Iran off from the international financial system, announcing coordinated sanctions aimed at its central bank and commercial banks. The measures, a response to a recent United Nations report warning about Iran’s nuclear activities, tighten the vise on Iran but still fall short of a blanket cutoff.
  2. Wahhabis weave web of plot in Syria
    In an unprecedented move, the Arab league decided to suspend Syria and call for sanctions on the country, an act which evidently reeks of the influence the West and others exercise on those who should be the main game players rather than being merely influenced by others. What a shame!
  3. UK banks ordered to cut ties with Iran
    London – The British government imposed new financial sanctions on Iran on Monday, ordering all UK financial institutions to stop doing business with their Iranian counterparts and with the central bank of Iran, the Treasury said.
  4. Pakistani Police killed Shia man and disclose three others Shia missing men in Saudi consulate case
    The crime branch of Karachi police on Sunday disclosed the detention of four Shia men arrested by the law enforcement on 16th of November from their houses in Karachi without any arrest warrants.
  5. Suadi Arabia Intimidated by Regional Revolutions
    A senior Yemeni opposition figure said Saudi Arabia is showing strong opposition to the ongoing popular uprisings in the region, particularly in Yemen, and helps dictators remain in power in such countries because Riyadh is fearful that these regional revolutions are likely to spread to Saudi Arabia.
  6. Saudi Wahhabi Forces Martyr Shia Tteenager in Qatif
    According to sources Saudi Wahhabis in a police checkpoint in Riadh district fired hundreds of anti-government protesters which led to the martyrdom of the young boy “Nasir al Mahishi” 19 -year-old.
  7. Bahrain admits using ‘excessive force’ during protests
    “Excessive force” was used by security forces in Bahrain against pro-democracy protesters earlier this year, the government has said.
  8. Activist begins strike for Shia cause
    HYDERABAD: RTI activist Syed Abbas Mehdi launched a hunger strike at Indira Park on Sunday in solidarity with the Shia community’s plea for government grant for pilgrimage to Iraq, Iran and Syria.
  9. Imam describes ordeal
    A renowned Edmonton Imam who was beaten by Saudi religious police and detained for 36 hours has sharp words for Canadian diplomatic officials.