1. Imam Ali (AS) epistle to Malik Ashtar to be released in 40 languages
    Translated into 40 languages, Imam Ali’s (AS) epistle to Malik Ashtar will be released by the end of the Iranian year (mid March).
  2. Shiite Muslims in Saudi Arabia Under Critical Conditions: Amnesty Report
    “While the arguments used to justify this wide-ranging crackdown may be different, the abusive practices being employed by the Saudi Arabian government are worryingly similar to those which they have long used against people accused of terrorist offences.”
  3. Saudi King’s Forces Closed Largest Shia Mosque in Al-Ahsa
    Shia rights watch condemn closure of the largest Shia mosque in Al-Ahsa, one of the Shia city in Saudi Arabia and ask the government to know that the continuing the discrimination might bring unrest to the country.
  4. “Imam Hussein (AS) and Islamic Awareness” Forum Held in Lebanon
    On the occasion of Muharram month, a forum on “Imam Hussein (AS) and Islamic awareness” was held by Muslim Scholars Association on November 29 in Beirut, Lebanon.
  5. Imam Hussein’s poetry pieces released in Persian, Arabic, English
    A trilingual poetry collection believed to be composed by Imam Hussein (3rd Shia Imam) has been compiled by Hujatoleslam Davoud Komeijani.
  6. Iran says to take further action against UK
    TEHRAN – Iran said Britain’s decision to close the Iranian embassy in London on Wednesday was “hasty” and that it would lead to further retaliation, state TV reported, quoting a government spokesman.
  7. Bomb blast kills 6, wounds 20 in Iraqi town
    BAGHDAD – A car bomb exploded in a street market in the Iraqi town of Khalis on Thursday, killing six people and wounding 20, a security official said.
  8. 18 dead in attacks in Iraq’s Diyala
    BAQUBA — Attacks in Iraq’s confessionally mixed Diyala province, north of Baghdad, killed 18 people on Thursday, 10 of them in a market bombing in the town of Khalis, medical and security officials said.
  9. Britain fines Iran’s Press TV
    LONDON — Britain’s broadcasting watchdog said Thursday it had slapped Iran’s Press TV with a heavy fine, leading the English-language channel to accuse the British royal family of trying to silence it.
  10. UK urges EU to raise Iran pressure, steps unclear
    Britain urged European Union foreign ministers to step up economic pressure on Iran on Thursday over its nuclear programme, but uncertainty remained over whether new EU sanctions would go as far as an oil embargo.