1. 5 Afghans killed in 3 blasts across country
    KABUL — Afghan authorities say five civilians have died in three explosions in southern and northern Afghanistan.
  2. Bahrain sends
abuse cases
to prosecutor
    MANAMA – All cases related to deaths, torture and inhumane treatment implicating Bahrain’s police have been referred to the public prosecution, the interior ministry has announced.
  3. Thousands of Bahrainis slam regime rights violations
    Thousands of people have held a rally in Bahrain on the International Day of Human Rights, condemning the Saudi-backed regime’s violation of civil liberties.
  4. Grand Ayatollah Sistani Refuses to Meet with Nabil Al-Arabi
    Grand source of emulation Ayatollah Sistani rejected a request by Arab League Secretary General Nabil Al-Arabi to meet with him.
  5. Shiite Muslim ‘Zakir Hussain’ Martyred by Wahhabi terrorists
    Wahhabi Armed terrorists on Friday gunned down the Shia man Zakir Hussain in Baldia town, Karachi.
  6. New Afghan group claims shrine attack part of campaign
    Tuesday’s bombing of a Kabul shrine was part of a campaign to target Shia Muslims in Afghanistan, a man claiming to lead a new Afghan group says.
  7. Saudi Shia stage protest in Awamiyah
    Thousands of Saudis have rallied in the eastern city of Awamiyah to protest against the policies of the Al Saudi ruling family in the region.
  8. CIA spy plane loss exposes covert US-Iran conflict
    Washington • The loss to Iran of the CIA’s surveillance drone bristling with advanced spy technology is more than a propaganda coup and intelligence windfall for the Tehran government. The plane’s capture has peeled back another layer of secrecy from expanding U.S. operations against Iran’s nuclear and military programs.
  9. Former Houstonian faces 10 lashes for driving in Saudi Arabia
    HOUSTON — Imagine being arrested and sentenced to a brutal punishment because you drove your car a few miles. That’s what happened to a former Houston resident when she moved back to Saudi Arabia.