1. Seminar of “Imam Hussein “to be held in Germany
    Seminar of “Imam Hussein (A.S)” which is organized by the Union of Turkish scholars, residents of Europe, will be held by the cooperation of AhlalBayt local communities in Germany.
  2. Bahraini woman in jail for more than 8 months for playing revolutionary songs in her car
    Fadhila Al Mubarak, a 38 year old mother of a 9 year old, is still in jail after she was sentenced in an unfair military trial of charges related directly to exercising her right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.
  3. Saudi Arabia: Continued Detention of 5Human Rights Defenders
    The Gulf Centre for Human Rights calls on the Saudi authorities toimmediately release five Human Rights defenders. The Centre also condemns the extrajudicial detention and constant harassment of human rights defenders and bloggers in the Kingdom.
  4. Afghan leader: Toll from attacks on Shiites now 80
    The death toll from last week’s rare sectarian attacks on Shiite Muslims in Afghanistan has risen to at least 80, the country’s president said on Sunday.
  5. Iran’s Libya envoy to pursue Sadr case
    A senior Iranian lawmaker says Iran’s envoy to Libya has been tasked with determining the fate that befell Shia Lebanese cleric Imam Moussa Sadr.
  6. Bahrain opposition party office walls defaced
    Pro-government demonstrators target Waad party building, as government decides to allow inspectors into prisons.
  7. Iran writes to UN over airspace violation by U.S.
    The Iranian ambassador to the United Nations has called on the UN to condemn U.S. aggressive moves against the Islamic Republic including the recent violation of Iranian airspace by a U.S. spy drone and adopt “clear and effective measures” to end such “dangerous and unlawful acts.
  8. Candlelit vigil for the Baloch
    Designating the World Human Rights Day, which fell on Saturday, as a day for the rights of Baloch people, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan held a candlelit vigil.
  9. Iraqis want MKO terrorists expelled
    Hundreds of Iraqis have taken part in a protest rally to demand the expulsion of members of the terrorist Mojahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) from their country.
  10. UN rights team heads to Bahrain
    A delegation representing the High Commissioner for Human Rights heads for Bahrain next week to discuss a more democratic society, the UN said Friday.