1. Whistleblower Discloses Saudi King’s Secret
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Sources close to the Saudi King revealed that King Abdallah has been complying with the US policies in the world almost since he ascended to power in a bid to prevent the disclosure of a secret that can ruin not only him, but also his country.
  2. Iran arrests top CIA spy
    Iranian Intelligence Ministry announced on Saturday that it has arrested an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Iran immediately after he started his spying activities inside the country.
  3. Participation of Renowned Quran Reciters in Programs of Najaf Plan
    Many renowned Quran reciters of the Islamic world have voiced readiness to take part in the programs of the Najaf plan, an official with the Kufa Mosque said.
  4. Prisoners release needed before Bahrain talks: UK
    The release of all the political prisoners from jail in Bahrain must precede the start of any constructive dialogue for reforms inside the country, according to British Liberal Democrat peer Lord Avebury.
  5. Bahrain al-Khalifa Regime Martyrs 58-year-old Abd-Ali Al Mawali
    Another Bahraini anti-regime protester has martyred due to tear gas inhalation as thousands of people have taken to the streets once again to call for democracy and freedom.
  6. Pakistani Shia Muslims ‘Ali Hassan’ martyred by Wahhabi Terrorists
    The Wahhabi armed terrorists on Saturday gunned down the Shia Muslim Ali Hassan in Srayab road area of Quetta.
  7. Clashes continue in Bahrain
    Security forces disperse hundreds of Shia demonstrators who gathered outside capital Manama for the fourth day in a row.
  8. Iraq political crisis erupts as last U.S. troops leave
    BAGHDAD — Iraq’s political process was unraveling faster than had been anticipated Saturday, with Sunni politicians walking out of the nation’s parliament and threatening to resign from the government even before the last U.S. troops had left the country.
  9. Iraq foreign minister to lead Syria initiative
    BAGHDAD – Baghdad’s foreign minister will lead an Iraqi initiative to end months of unrest in Syria by holding talks with the Damascus regime, opposition groups and the Arab League, an Iraqi official said Sunday.