1. Iran’s currency slumps 12% as sanctions bite
    TEHRAN – Iran’s currency, the rial, slumped 12 percent in street trading Monday, accelerating a slide triggered on the weekend when the United States activated new sanctions over Tehran’s nuclear drive.
  2. Religious activists besiege Sindh Governor’s House
    KARACHI – Scores of religious activists on Sunday squatted on roads besieging the Governor’s House in protest over the killing of a Shia cleric late on Saturday evening.
  3. Hundreds of Indonesian Shias still take refuge after husseiniyah, homes, school torched
    JAKARTA, Indonesia: Indonesian police and military personnel are still on guard to anticipate further violence after arson attacks committed by an extremist terrorist group in Sampang, Madura, East Java, toward homes, a boarding school and house of worship belonging to Shia believers (hussainiyah).
  4. Arba’een arrangements in Karbala on way
    HOLY CITY OF KABALA, Iraq: As Zeyarah Arbainiyah or the forty days after the martyrdom of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (AS) looms near and during which the holy city of Karbala witnesses gathering of millions of mourning pilgrims to commemorate the sad occasion, preparations in this holy city are on way.
  5. Plans for an Islamic art gallery in Salarjung Museum
    Hyderabad can soon boast of an exclusive Islamic Art Gallery. Work is on at the Salarjung Museum (SJM) here to put up a huge gallery which will have everything about Islamic art under one roof.
  6. Iraq war death toll at 162,000
    Around 162,000 people, almost 80 per cent of them civilians, were killed in Iraq from the start of the 2003 US-led invasion up to last year’s withdrawal of American forces, according to British NGO
  7. Dozens Injured after Bahraini Security Forces’ Attacks
    Bahrain’s security forces fired tear gas at anti-government protesters and beat them with iron bars leaving dozens injured.
  8. UK: Ahlul Bayt Islamic Mission to Hold Conference in Luton: The Dawn of a New Wilayah
    (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) in conjunction with Mahdiwiyun 360 and Masjid-e-Ali are organising an event marking the martyrdom of Imam Askari [as] and the new Wilayah of Imam Al-Mahdi [atf] entitled ‘The Dawn of a New Wilayah’.
  9. New York Police investigate report of Molotov cocktail thrown at Islamic religious center in NYC
    Authorities say they are investigating a report that a Molotov cocktail was thrown at an Islamic center in New York City.
  10. Sampang Shiite community rejects relocation
    A Maduranese Shia leader, Tajul Muluk, said on Monday that hundreds of Shiites in Sampang, Madura, East Java, rejected relocation following last week’s attack by a mob on their community’s compound.