1. Iraq car bomb blast wounds 15 Afghan Shia pilgrims
    A car bomb wounded 15 Afghan pilgrims on their way to the Shia shrine cities of central Iraq early on Monday, medical and security officials said.
  2. Kuwait urged to review war compensation
    An Iraqi MP close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki urged Kuwait to review the billions of dollars of war compensation
  3. Bahrainis snub apartments in risk to social housing push
    Bahrain’s plan to build thousands of low-cost homes for its citizens may be sidelined by Bahrainis refusal to live in apartments, property analysts have warned.
  4. Leicester Shia Muslims in religious procession to mark tragedy
    Hundreds of Shia Muslims took part in a religious procession yesterday to mark Muharram, the month of mourning, near Uppingham Road, North Evington.
  5. Many deaths in series of Iraq attacks
    Shia Muslim worshippers en route to Karbala primarily targeted, as violence continues to wrack war-torn country.
  6. Bahraini court overturns death terms of two Shia
    Bahrain’s cassation court on Monday annulled the death sentences of two Shia and the life imprisonment of three others convicted of killing two policemen in unrest last year, a lawyer said.
  7. Turkey’s Shiites complain about prejudice, injustice
    While Turkey tries to avoid a possible sectarian clash in the Middle Eastern countries, Caferis, Turkey’s principal Shiite community, complain that they are subjected to discrimination as a result of state policies
  8. Iran cracks down on Internet as parliamentary elections near
    As Iran nears its March 2 parliamentary elections, Tehran is adding new surveillance measures over its citizens’ Internet freedoms. In a briefing on Friday, the Department of State, said that the move will cut Iranian citizens off from the “global conversation.” The announcement comes as Iranian authorities work to develop a national intranet, which would effectively replace the World Wide Web for Iranians.
  9. Imam Hussain’s chehlum rescheduled in Kohat
    KOHAT, Jan 8: The leaders of Shia community here have accepted the request of Sunnis for observing the chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) on the first Sunday after Safar 20 every year instead of Friday.
  10. Four Qaeda member arrested in Karbala
    KARBALA / Aswat al-Iraq: Four al-Qaeda members were arrested today inside agricultural areas planning to attack the pilgrims, Karbala’s Operations Commander announced.