1. Aga Khan contesting 60-million euro divorce
    PARIS – Racehorse billionaire and Islamic spiritual leader the Aga Khan is contesting a divorce settlement that awarded his ex-wife a record 60 million euros ($77 million), a French judicial source said Thursday.
  2. Imam Musa Sadr’s son in Libya to pursue the fate of his father
    Sayyed Sadreddin Sadr, son of Imam Musa Sadr, left for Libya on Wednesday, January 11, to pursue the fate of his father.
  3. Saudi Wahhabi forces attack Hundreds of Shi’a protesters in Qatif
    Saudi Wahhabi security forces have fired live bullets to disperse an anti-government protest rally in the eastern city of Qatif, reports say.
  4. India says it will not reduce Iran oil imports
    NEW DELHI— India has given no instructions to refiners to reduce crude oil imports from Iran, despite an intensifying US campaign to smother Tehran’s vital oil exports until it gives up on its nuclear programme.
  5. Americans held in Iraq over suspect activity
    Baghdad — Four Americans were being held by security forces after they were stopped for ‘suspicious’ activity in the centre of Baghdad on Thursday, the governor of Baghdad province told AFP.
  6. Iran asks UN to condemn nuclear scientist killing
    UNITED NATIONS — The Iranian government called on the United Nations to condemn the killing of an Iranian nuclear scientist, calling it a “terrorist attack,” and blaming foreign powers.
  7. Visitors to Karbala Expected to Total 15 Million
    Approximately 12 million visitors arrived in Karbala, with an additional 4-5 million expected during the coming two days to commemorate on Friday and Saturday the 40th day of mourning of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (pbuh), the Deputy Provincial Chairman said today.
  8. Sectarian clashes erupt in strife-torn Yemen
    Deadly violence between Shia rebels and Sunni fighters in north, as protests against president’s immunty deal continue.
  9. Saudi Wahhabi Forces Injured and Arrested the Shia Citizen Aqeel Al Yaseen
    On 10 January, Saudi Wahhabi security forces in Awwamiya town fired on the Shi’a citizen, Aqeel Al Yaseen, and wounded him.
  10. Australian heads home after Saudi whipping
    THE whip has swung gently in past cases, more a ritual than a thrashing. But whether Mansor Almaribe’s punishment was token or not – and the Herald understands he will suffer no long-term physical injuries – no one would play down his 75 lashes in a Saudi Arabian prison.