1. Chehallum procession taken out
    On Sunday, the traditional Chehallum processsion was taken out to mark the 40th day of martyrdom of Imam Hussain[a.s.], grandson of Prophet Muhammad[s.a.w.a.]
  2. Blast at Shia procession kills 20 in Lahore
    A powerful blast ripped through a Shia procession in Pakistan’s Punjab province today, killing at least 20 devotees and injuring more than 30 others, witnesses said.
  3. Syrian Salafi Thugs Martyred Pakistani Shia Woman, 4 pilgrims injured
    A Pakistani Shia woman martyred and four other Shia pilgrims injured on Friday in the attack of Salafi terrorists in violent Syria.
  4. Iraq’s Shi’a Martyrs Reach to 64, 140 wounded in Basra explosion
    Iraqi security sources said here that the result of the suicide bomber reached to 64 martyrs and more than 140 wounded, most of them were women and children.
  5. Biggest Anti-Shi’a Terrorist ‘Hakimullah Mehsud’ Reportedly Killed in Drone Strike
    Intercepted militant radio communications indicate the terrorist leader of the Pakistani Taliban may have been killed in a recent US drone strike, Pakistani intelligence officials said Sunday.
  6. Bahraini Tear Gas Martyred 81-Year-Old Woman
    Bahraini forces have once again attacked anti-regime protesters in the sheikhdom, killing an elderly woman, according to witnesses.
  7. Shia Muslims hold religious procession in Dearborn
    Thousands of Shia Muslims walked through falling snow and freezing cold in Dearborn on Saturday for Arabeen, a holy day for their community.
  8. 12 die in stampede at Ratlam’s Hussain Tekri
    At least 12 people were killed and four injured in a stampede during a religious gathering in Madhya Pradesh’s Ratlam district in the early hours of Saturday, an official said.
  9. Cops clash with Shia devotees at Jor Bagh dargah
    Violence broke out between 100 police personnel and about 300 Shia Muslims celebrating the chehallum festival outside a dargah (shrine) near south Delhi’s Jor Bagh area on Sunday evening.
  10. Al-Wefaq censures Bahrain reforms
    The main Bahraini opposition party, Al-Wefaq, has criticized constitutional reforms proposed by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.