1. Tehran’s TV Channel Loses British License
    Britain’s communications regulator revoked the U.K. broadcasting license of Iran’s state-owned Press TV on Friday and demanded the Tehran-based English-language news channel leave the British airwaves immediately.
  2. Karbala petitions Guinness World Records
    KARBALA / Aswat al-Iraq: Karbala province’s governor disclosed today that he will petition the Guinness World Records to add the religions visits to the city as the world’s largest gathering in one location for a particular occasion, as well as making it the biggest supply of food in the world.
  3. Al-Iraqiya’s proposal to withdraw confidence “unpractical” – Sadrist Spokesman
    NAJAF / Aswat al-Iraq: Al-Iraqiya Bloc’s proposal to withdraw confidence from Premier Nouri al-Maliki’s government is “unpractical” due to the availability of other solutions, the spokesman of Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr noted.
  4. Aide to top Shiite cleric says Iraq ‘cannot bear’ sectarian crisis; Sunni official detained
    BAGHDAD — Iraqi authorities detained a senior Sunni official on terrorism charges Friday, even as an aide to the country’s most prominent Shiite cleric urged politicians on both sides of the sectarian divide to end an escalating political crisis.
  5. Hamas attack on Gaza Shiites may indicate its political shift
    BEIT LAHIA // When they later recalled the siege by Hamas security forces, it was not its ferocity that astonished the residents of Beit Lahiya. It was the target – Shiite Muslims gathered in the building to commemorate the death of Imam Hussein, the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson.
  6. Again, the Shia Community of Sampang Atacked by Salafi Mob
    Indonesian- The shiite community in Karang Gayam Village and Bluuran Village, Sampang Regency, Madura, was attacked by a group of people. The atmosphere of two villages since last night and up to now is still frightening.
  7. Bahrain Shia cleric warns troops not to attack women
    Bahrain’s leading Shia Muslim cleric has told his followers to retaliate if women are attacked, in a warning to the country’s security forces.
  8. LeJ chief involved in bomb attack on Shias: Pak police
    From M Zulqernain Lahore, Jan 20 (PTI) A Pakistani judicial review board today ended the house arrest of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi chief Malik Ishaq, detained last year for attacks on Shias, even as the police has accused him and 14 others of role in a bomb attack on a Shia procession that killed 20 people on January 15.
  9. Saudis protest against Al Saud
    Anti-government protesters in Saudi Arabia have once again taken to the streets of the eastern city of Awamiyah, calling for the downfall of the Al Saud regime.