1. Najaf demands halting economic exchange with Turkey
    Najaf tribes demanded the Iraqi government halt exporting oil through Turkish territories if Premier Erdogan does not apologize for his sectarian statements.
  2. Shia Muslims and ongoing oppression in Sunni Muslim dominated nations.
    Shia Muslims don’t face persecution in mainly Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, and secular nations. However, throughout the Sunni Muslim world the Shia community faces daily discrimination and deadly attacks often erupt in Bahrain, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and other nations.
  3. 3 Pakistani Shia Lawyers Martyred in the Firing of Wahhabi Terrorists in Karachi
    In apparently a target killing incident, three innocent Shia lawyers were martyred by the wahhabi armed terrorists of Sipah Sahaba and Lashkar Jhangvi at Pakistan Chowk in Karachi.
  4. YEMEN: Over 40 killed in sectarian clashes
    At least 46 people have been killed and dozens injured in clashes between Houthi-led Shia rebels and pro-government Sunni Salafi gunmen in the northwestern Yemeni governorate of Hajjah, assistant head of Hajjah security department Atif Sulaiman told IRIN.
  5. Hakim’s visit to Turkey helps to relief tensions, says M’alla
    Spokesman of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council SIIC, MP Hameed M’alla, described the visit of the head of the SIIC Ammar al-Hakim to Turkey as an “opportunity to promote good atmosphere between Baghdad and Ankara.”
  6. Assassins kill Iraq Qaeda leader-turned-critic
    Assassins have shot dead a former senior leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq who defected from the extremist network and sided with US forces, officials said on Wednesday.
  7. Russia to keep blocking UN sanctions on Syria
    Russia will stonewall any UN sanctions on Syria and will push for a quick start of talks between the Syrian government and the country’s opposition
  8. Bahrain:February 14 Youth Coalition Condemns International Community’s Silence
    February 14 Youth Coalition Condemns International Community’s Silence Over State Terror and Hold It Responsible For Any Future Escalations.
  9. Iraqi Minister Urges Development of Tourism Cooperation with Iran
    Iraqi Transportation Minister Hadi Farhan al-Amiri announced endorsement of different Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) between his country and Iran, and expressed the hope that Tehran and Baghdad would further expand their tourism cooperation.