1. Bahraini activists condemned Al-Arabiya collaboration with al-khalifa in brutal crackdown on protesters
    Bahraini activists have accused the Saudi-owned Arab-speaking television channel Al-Arabiya of assisting the Al Khalifa regime in its brutal crackdown on protesters.
  2. Iranian Parliament Finalizes Draft Bill on Cutting Oil Supplies to Europe
    Members of the Iranian parliament finalized a draft bill on cutting the country’s oil exports to the European states in retaliation for the EU’s oil ban against Tehran, a senior legislator said on Saturday.
  3. UN chief nuclear inspector arrives in Iran
    The UN’s chief nuclear inspector arrived in Iran on Sunday on a mission to clear up “outstanding substantive issues” on Tehran’s atomic programme, and called for dialogue with the Islamic state.
  4. Suicide bomber kills 33 at Shiite funeral in Iraq
    A suicide car bomber has struck a Shiite funeral procession, killing 33 people as suspected al-Qaida militants stepped up apparent efforts to provoke a counterattack by Shiite militias on Sunnis that could pave the way toward open sectarian warfare now that U.S. troops have left Iraq.
  5. Pakistani Shia leaders warned government: Don’t patronize banned terrorist outfits, Don’t pressurize Shia Muslims
    The martyrdom of three members of Millat-e-Jafaria Legal Aid Committee, was an outcome of Government’s incompetence and patronage of banned terrorist outfits.
  6. Imam Ali (AS); One Perfect Role Model of Educational Conduct
    Imam Ali (AS), as a perfect role model of educational conduct, persuaded people to virtues and dissuaded them from vices mostly through his actions.
  7. Shia Scholars: Bahrain will be on fire if Ayatollah Issa Ghassem arrest
    Following reports that head of Bahrain’s Scholars Council may be arrested by the Al-e Khalifa regime, Bahraini scholars have warned the regime about the possible move.
  8. Finishing the Final Stages of Manufacturing Golden Tiles for Son of Imam Ali Alhadi Holy Shrine + Pic
    Engineering and Technical staffs of gilding division in the department of engineering projects in Al-Abbas Holy Shrine finished all the works of manufacturing the golden tiles to cover the minarets of the holy shrine of Sayed Mohammed, son of imam Ali Alhadi.
  9. Drive-by shootings: Imambargah trustee targeted as family away on pilgrimage
    In another act of targeted killing, two more people were gunned down in separate incidents here on Saturday, raising the death toll from sectarian and political violence to 21 in the month of January.
  10. Karbala requires 500,000 housing units
    Karbala is in need of more than 500,000 housing units to resolve its housing crisis, the head of the Economic Commission in Karbala’s Provincial Council announced today.