1. Workers rally against job dismissals in Bahrain
    Sacked Bahraini employees have demonstrated in the capital city of Manama against the government demanding return to their jobs.
  2. Pakistani Shi’s Man ‘Malik Ghulam’ Gunned Down by Wahhabi terrorists in D.I Khan
    Malik Ghulam Ahmed shot martyred on his shop in D.I Khan, Malik Ghulam Ahmad was a Car Mechanic, Tabaruk Hussain injured in the firing of terrorists.
  3. UNESCO Organizes Najaf Day in Paris
    In order to celebrate the selection of Najaf as the Cultural Capital of the Islamic World in 2012, a ceremony called “Najaf Day” was held in UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris.
  4. Conference to Review Status of Islam and Shi’ism in Ethiopia
    A three-day conference is planned to be held in Ethiopia this week to review the status of Islam and Shi’ism in the country.
  5. Disintegration of Iraq is what US seeking for
    An Iraqi political analyst says the US is still going ahead with a plan to “disintegrate” Iraq by escalating the current political crisis in the Arab country.
  6. Iraq to host Arab summit on March 29
    The Iraqi capital is to host the next regular Arab summit on March 29, the Arab League assistant secretary general, Ahmed ben Helli, announced on Wednesday in Baghdad.
  7. US Navy comes to rescue of Iranian fishing dhow
    The US Navy has announced that it assisted an Iranian fishing vessel in distress in the Gulf, the fourth such incident this year in an area marked by tension between Washington and Teheran.
  8. UN nuke official plans new trip to Iran
    A senior UN nuclear expert on Wednesday announced plans to revisit Tehran soon after a “good trip,” indicating progress on his team’s quest to probe suspicions that the Islamic Republic is secretly working on an atomic arms program.
  9. Security Council envoys to discuss Syria debate
    Ambassadors to the UN Security Council were meeting on Wednesday afternoon for a closed session on a draft resolution calling for Syrian President Bashar Assad to step aside, diplomats said.