1. Egypt detains Shia Muslims, crackdown on group continues
    Egypt is continuing to crackdown on Shia Muslims in the country. According to a report in the state-run al-Ahram newspaper on Saturday, two Shia activists were arrested upon arrival at Cairo International Airport from Tehran for allegedly carrying “Shia books.”
  2. Bahrain protesters rally ahead of anniversary
    Thousands of Bahrainis have begun a week-long rally in a Shia village, 10 days ahead of the first anniversary of the start of pro-democracy protest which was brutally crushed, activists have said.
  3. Green Light to Toxic Terror in Bahrain
    Washington has given the green light to unleash “toxic terror” in Bahrain after closing a million-dollar arms sales deal with the Al Khalifa regime, a political analyst says.
  4. The Two Holy Shrines in Karbala Suggesting Forming A Body to Manage the Million Visitations
    Under the framework (Holy Karbala Getting Prosperous by its Visitors), the two Holy Shrines of Imam Hussain and Hadhrat Ababs (pbut) held a conference inside the Dar E Elm Hall in Al-Abbas Holy Shrine evaluating the Arbaeen Visitation
  5. Iraqi president’s tribe calls for VP handover
    President Jalal Talabani’s tribe has called for Iraq’s fugitive vice president to be handed over to the Baghdad government to face trial, a member of the tribe said on Saturday.
  6. Gunmen kill official from Iraqi Interior Ministry in central Baghdad
    Authorities say gunmen have killed an Interior Ministry official in a drive-by shooting in central Baghdad.
  7. MP: Iraq Resolved to Expel MKO Members to 3rd Countries
    Baghdad is determined to expel the members of the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) to third countries, a senior Iraqi legislator said, adding that the government of Nuri al-Maliki has taken certain steps to this end.
  8. Najaf demonstrates 500 antiquities in its museum
    Preparations were completed to show 500 archaeological pieces in Najaf Museum, the head of Antiquities Department said here today.
  9. Iran plans to increase its visitors to Iraq
    Iran is planning to increase the number of its visitors to Iraqi holy shrines during Nawrouz festivities, according to Iranian Mehr news agency today.
  10. Committee to investigate increasing cancer cases in Karbala
    Karbala’s governor called on the Iraqi Ministry of Health to investigate types of cancer prevalent in the province, where 300 citizens reported suffer from the disease.