1. Bahrain opposition launch week-long rally for reform
    Bahraini opposition parties, launching a week-long ‘sit-in’ for political reforms at a mass rally, swore to take their campaign to the centre of last year’s democracy protest in the capital Manama.
  2. Sectarian violence grips old Lucknow
    In what can be termed as a case of carelessness on the part of top police officials, sectarian tension, which began late on Sunday night, escalated further on Monday resulting in injuries to over half-a-dozen persons including bullet injuries to at least one of them following brick-batting and firing between members of two sects in several localities under three police station areas of the city.
  3. Nano Week Exhibition Held in Iran’s Western City
    The 10th Nano Week Exhibition was held in Iran’s Western city of Hamedan as part of broader efforts to promote nanoscience and nanotechnology in the country.
  4. Imam Javad (AS) Section to Be Constructed in Kazemeyn
    Head of the Center for Renovation of holy sites in Iraq said that Imam Javad (AS) great section is being reconstructed at the holy shrine of Imam Musa Kazam (AS) and Imam Javad (AS) in Kazemeyn, Iraq.
  5. Iraq’s al-Qaida claims 2 deadly attacks on Shiites
    An al-Qaida front group in Iraq has claimed responsibility for the two deadliest attacks on Shiites since the U.S. military completed its withdrawal last month, underlining an escalating sectarian security and political crisis that threatens to drive the country toward civil war.
  6. Saudis risk Iranian anger over crude flow
    Saudi Arabia has started to supply small quantities of extra crude oil to several European countries that have begun to reduce their purchases of Iranian crude, a move that would put Riyadh on collision course with Tehran.
  7. UAE, Saudi Arabia top destinations for duping workers from Punjab
    UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, were among the most favoured destinations among gullible youths from Chandigarh and Punjab, to go and secure a comfortable future.
  8. Obama imposes new sanctions on Iran
    US President Barack Obama has imposed new sanctions on Iran’s central bank as he seeks to tighten a choke hold on the Islamic republic’s ailing economy and compel it to reverse course on its nuclear program.
  9. Saudis trying to fuel Syrian crisis through Lebanon
    Dissident Syrian groups supported by Saudi and Qatar governments’ financial support here encourage Lebanon-based Syrian factory workers giving them US $800 monthly to participate in sabotage operations against their country.