1. African Shia Cleric: Boko Haram attrocity is a conspiracy against Islamic resurgence in Nigeria
    Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sayyed Ibraheem Yaquoub Zakzaky says, the current wave of attacks in the name of Boko Harma is a delibrate agenda to suppress Islamic resurgence in Nigeria, with special focus on the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.
  2. Bahrain Braces for More Shia Protests
    It is far from Pearl Roundabout, the scene of last year’s crackdown on pro-democracy protestors, but for now Mughsha, a village in the northern district of Bahrain, serves as the centre of the country’s ‘Arab Spring’ movement.
  3. Bahrain crimes against peaceful protesters to be exhibit in Iraq
    Al Ahrar bloc, the political wing of Sadr Movement, has mounted an exhibition of photos in Iraq to showcase Bahraini regime’s brutality against its protesters.
  4. Syria Determined to Fulfill National Dialogue with Participation of Government,Opposition and Independent Figures
    President al-Assad: Syria is Determined to Carry Out National Dialogue with the Participation of the Government, the Opposition and Independent Figures
  5. Yemen: 55 killed in sectarian conflict in northern Yemen
    After two days of sectarian clashes between Houthi Shias and Sunni groups in north Yemen have left at least 55 dead and many wounded. There were clashes between Salafist Sunni groups and the Houthis last month as well.
  6. HRW urges US to pressure Pak govt on Balochistan situation
    Human Rights Watch, an NGO keeping a watch on gross human rights violations in Balochistan, has asked the United States to take action against the crimes taking place in the province.
  7. 11 abducted Iranian pilgrims released in Syria
    Iran’s state media say kidnappers have released 11 Iranian pilgrims who were recently abducted in Syria.
  8. Iran sanctions disrupt food imports
    More evidence emerged of the crippling impact of new sanctions on Iran, with international traders saying Tehran is having trouble buying rice, cooking oil and other staples to feed its 74 million people weeks before an election.
  9. Iraq seeks to clamp down on security contractors
    Iraq’s government intends to impose tough restrictions on private security companies to rein in what amounts to a “giant army” threatening the country’s stability, a senior security official said.
  10. 20 years after the first Gulf War, a direct flight to Iraq from India
    Twenty years after Air India scrapped direct flights to Iraq at the time of the first Gulf War, the two countries are set to be connected once again.