1. Russian Green Light to Military Option in Syria
    A well-informed Syrian source denied Wednesday that a Russian green light to the Syrians for military action was recent, assuring that the Russian stance has always been supportive and determined that a strict action should be taken against the armed groups.
  2. Saudi crackdown leaves 1 Shia martyred, 14 injured
    Saudi regime forces have opened fire on anti-government demonstrators in the kingdom’s Eastern Province, killing one person and wounding at least 14 others.
  3. Bahrain refuses journalists seeking to cover protest anniversary
    Bahrain has turned down several journalists for visas to visit the Persian Gulf nation on the one-year anniversary of sweeping antigovernment protests next Tuesday, telling them it has gotten too many requests.
  4. UK’s largest teacher’s union calls for release of detained Bahrain teachers
    The General Secretary of (National Union of Teachers), UK’s largest teacher’s union, has written to the British Ambassador in Bahrain to call for release of detained Bahrain teachers and request UK’s diplomatic representatives in Bahrain attend the appeals on 19th February.
  5. Peshawar: High time for awakening of Shia Muslims
    It is high time for awakening of Shia Muslims and mourners. It is necessary that whole of Shia Muslims get united and prevent the sacrilege of Imam Bargahs.
  6. Sadrists mark Iraq departure of US ‘occupiers’
    Supporters of anti-US Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, whose militia fought pitched battles with American forces, on Thursday officially celebrated the departure of the “occupiers” from Iraq.
  7. Pakistan hosts summit involving Afghanistan, Iran
    Pakistan will next week host the leaders of Afghanistan and Iran at a summit devoted to counter-terrorism, the foreign ministry in Islamabad said Thursday.
  8. Former Dearborn man accused of running $170 million Ponzi scheme caught
    Already looking at a $170 million civil judgment against him, Ahmed Alabadi now faces a long time behind bars.
  9. Iraq court rules death for kidnapper of foreigners
    An Iraqi court has sentenced a man to death for murder and for kidnapping French citizens and an Iranian consul, a statement released on Monday by the Higher Judicial Council said.