1. Gunfights in Saudi Arabia Show Spread of Tensions
    Armored anti-riot vehicles cluster outside the police station in Awwamiya in Saudi Arabia’s oil- producing eastern region, where unrest is turning violent.
  2. Amnesty says Bahrain government failing to reform
    Bahrain’s government fails to implement human rights reforms demanded by independent commission, which investigated a brutal crackdown on protesters last year
  3. Iran says it does not aim to propagate Shia in Egypt
    TEHRAN (ISNA)-The Head of Iran’s interest section in Egypt Mojtaba Amani said the country does aim to propagate Shia in Egypt.
  4. Iraqi Child Parliament first meeting next Friday
    The Iraqi Child Parliament is due to hold its first meeting in Amara, Missan province, to discuss matters pertaining to the future of Iraqi children, according to its Speaker Rasheed Mohammed Rasheed.
  5. 59% reject establishing new regions in Iraq
    Two NGO organizations disclosed that a referendum was carried out in 9 Iraqi provinces which showed that 59 percent of the participants rejected the idea of establishing new regions in Iraq due to the unsuitable situation prevailing in the country.
  6. Shia Make Up a Quarter of 8 Million Residence of Kinshasa, Congo
    Shia with about 2.5 million people, representing 2.5 percent of the total population and mainly reside in the capital, Kinshasa.
  7. Iran urges Azerbaijan government to stop anti-Iran operation of Mossad
    Iran on Sunday called on the Azeri government to stop anti-Iran operations of Mossad espionage networks in Azerbaijan territory.
  8. Bahraini peaceful protesters under severe attack of al-Khalifa forces in Manama
    Bahraini regime forces fire teargas and sound grenades to disperse anti-government protesters in the capital, Manama.
  9. Trouble in tourists’ paradise as Maldives’ president overthrown
    Last week’s coup in the Maldives – if that’s what it was – has sharpened the edge of an already cutthroat style of politics that is increasingly influenced by a rising tide of intolerant Islamic fundamentalism.
  10. Oil imports: India-Iran work out rupee trade mechanism
    MANGALORE: Indian and Iranian governments have worked out Rupee trade mechanism for payment of India’s total crude imports from the latter in Rupees rather than convertible currency – the US Dollar normally used for such trade globally. The new mechanism is expected to be operational in two months. This arrangement comes in wake of American and European anti-nuclear sanctions that are increasingly disrupting Iran’s economy.