1. Iran boosts ties with southern Iraqi provinces
    Iran is working hard to boost its already expanded ties with Iraq by striking special deals with the country’s provinces.
  2. MoU to implement 500-megawatt power station in Karbala
    KARBALA / Aswat al-Iraq: The Chairman of the Energy and Fuel Commission in Karbala’s Provincial Council announced today that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed with an Iranian company to build a 500-megawatt power station.
  3. Top hotel construction under way in Iraq
    The construction of Range Hospitality’s $175 million Al Rawdatain Residences hotel project, launched in 2010, is under way in Karbala, Iraq.
  4. Over 3000 Fired Shias want Bahrain jobs back
    It’s been one year since anti-government protests started in Bahrain. Nearly 3,000 mainly Shia Muslim workers in both the private and public sector lost their jobs as punishment for their perceived participation in the protests.
  5. Syrian ambassador blasts Canada for ‘deplorable’ sanctions
    OTTAWA—Syria’s top diplomat in Canada is striking back at Ottawa for what he says are “deplorable” sanctions imposed by the Harper government that he insists are harming innocent civilians in his country.
  6. Kuwaiti writer to make public apology over ‘disparaging remarks’
    A Kuwaiti writer who has come under intense fire for “offensive remarks” that angered Shiites will make a public apology at a gathering of leading figures from the Sunni and Shiite sects
  7. Shiite MPs call new govt for ratifying national unity bill
    KUWAIT CITY, Feb 13: Several Shiite MPs have lauded the Amiri Diwan for rejecting the offensive and abusive language used by Kuwaiti writer Mohammed Al-Mulaifi against the Shiite community, while emphasizing the need to ratify the national unity bill to avoid the recurrence of such incidents in the future.
  8. Oliver Stone’s son Sean converts to Islam — in Iran; no word from famous dad
    Oliver Stone’s son has converted to Islam in Iran — in what’s sure to spark all sort of conspiracy theories on the Internet.
  9. Bahrain receives military equipment from UK despite violent crackdown
    Britain has continued to sell arms to Bahrain despite continuing political unrest in the Gulf state, new official figures disclose.
  10. Iran summons Bahrain envoy over embassy protest
    TEHRAN, Feb 14, 2012 (AFP) – Iran has summoned Bahrain’s envoy to Tehran to protest a demonstration outside its embassy in Manama on the anniversary of a Shiite uprising in the Gulf Arab kingdom, media reported.