1. Saudi Police Detain Two Activists amid Uprising
    Saudi regime forces have reportedly arrested two people over allegations that they were involved in “anti-government” activities.
  2. Wahhabi Terrorists Martyred Shia Cleric “Allama Saqlain Naqvi”
    Allama Saqlain Naqvi who was injured in a murderous attempt breathed his last on Monday.
  3. Moderate quake jolts east Iran, 6 hurt: Report
    TEHRAN: Iran’s state TV says a moderate earthquake has injured six people and caused damages in a small town in the country’s east.
  4. Iran Calls Nuclear Arms Production a ‘Great Sin’
    GENEVA — Amid heightened tensions with the West over its nuclear program, Iran on Tuesday called for negotiations on a treaty banning nuclear weapons and condemned their production or possession as “a great sin.”
  5. Iraq to Expel More MKO Members from Camp Ashraf
    TEHRAN (FNA)- A number of the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) members who were under the Iraqi government’s pressures to leave Camp Ashraf are due to be expelled from the camp.
  6. Shiite MPs plan to grill PM, MoI over ‘harassment’ issue
    KUWAIT CITY, Feb 27: Shiite lawmakers are expected to meet Tuesday to tackle the issue of what they call ‘harassment’ of some Kuwaiti Shiite clerics at the Kuwait Internatio-nal Airport Saturday, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.
  7. EU hits Syria with more sanctions, but little else
    European Union foreign ministers agreed to new sanctions against Syria on Monday, targeting its central bank and seven cabinet ministers to try to curb funding for the government and increase pressure on President Bashar al-Assad.
  8. HRW calls on Bahrain to release democracy activists
    Human Rights Watch on Tuesday called for the release of hundreds of Bahraini pro-democracy activists arrested after last year’s uprising and for all charges against them to be dropped.
  9. Iraq town seeks shift from ‘terrorism’ to tourism
    MADAIN: Suspected of being a biological weapons site under Saddam Hussein and later an al-Qaeda stronghold, an Iraqi town wants to return to its previous status as a centre for archaeology and tourism.
  10. Pak bus massacre: Militants clad in military uniforms kill 18 Shia men
    Militants clad in military uniforms intercepted a convoy of buses and gunned down 18 minority Shia men on Tuesday in a northern Pakistan region that borders the former Taliban stronghold of Swat.