1. Iran opens space program site for media tour
    Iranian officials are giving journalists working for international media their first look inside a control center for the Islamic Republic’s ambitious space program.
  2. Bombs kill eight as Iraq says 70,000 dead 2004-2011
    BAGHDAD— Bombings in Iraq killed eight people on Wednesday as authorities released figures showing nearly 70,000 people died in violence from 2004 to 2011, markedly fewer than numbers from other sources.
  3. Syria vows to ‘cleanse’ rebel-held parts of Homs
    BEIRUT — Syrian troops advanced Wednesday on a key rebel-held neighborhood in Homs and an official vowed it would be “cleansed,” raising fears of a ground operation to retake all of the central city that has become a symbol of the uprising to oust President Bashar Assad.
  4. Tension prevails in GB after Kohistan killings
    GILGIT: All the six districts of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) remained in the grip extreme tension and mourning on Wednesday on the occasion of funeral of 18 members of Shia community who were killed in Kohistan on Tuesday.
  5. Najaf to host conference on “Hazrat Zahra (AS), Symbol of Unity” + PIC
    International conference on the high status of Hazrat Zahra (AS), daughter of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is to be held in the Iraqi city of Najaf.
  6. Opposition Condemns New Wave of Shia Arrests in Azerbaijan
    Pro-Western opposition parties in Azerbaijan have criticized the arrests of Muslim activists and two IRIB employees as a new phase of repression in the country.
  7. Syria’s armed groups get Franco-US aid: Report
    Armed groups in Syria have admitted that they have received weapons from French and American sources, reports say.
  8. Saudi Police Arrested 25 Shia in One Week: Activists
    Saudi activists say regime forces have arrested about 25 anti-discrimination Shia in the Qatif region of the Eastern Province over the past week.
  9. Amnesty International: Urgent Action: Teenager arrested, risks torture in Bahrain
    A Kuwaiti teenager arrested in Bahrain on 12 February 2012 is currently held in a police station in Bahrain and faces criminal charges. He said police beat him when he was arrested. He may be at risk of further torture or other ill-treatment.
  10. Wahabi Terrorists Kill Pakistani Shia Youth in Karachi
    The Notorious outlawed sipah-e-sahaba Martyred shehzad Hussain and injured 2.