1. Indian business team to visit Iran next week: export group
    An Indian trade delegation will travel to Iran next week to explore business openings created by U.S.-led sanctions over the Islamic republic’s disputed nuclear program, an export group says.
  2. Saudis Rally against Riyadh Suppression of Protests
    Saudis have staged a protest rally in the eastern town of Rabiyia to condemn Riyadh’s suppression of anti-government demonstrations.
  3. Saudi government linked to 9/11 attacks in US
    Though it has been ten years to the 9/11 attacks wherein around 3000 innocent people were killed but still a lot is to be done to unearth some revealing facts.
  4. Huge bomb blast in Syria
    A bomber has blown up a vehicle at an intersection in Syria’s southern Daraa province amid ongoing unrest in the Middle Eastern country, reports say.
  5. Conservatives Win Iran Parliamentary Elections – Report
    In Iran, the conservatives are winning the parliamentary elections that have drawn to a close. 3,400 candidates exerted themselves to win the 290 seats in parliament.
  6. Bahrainis launch week of sit-in protests
    Thousands of Bahrainis have launched what they said would be a week of daily sit-in protests in a Shia village to commemorate an uprising crushed a year ago, witnesses said on Saturday.
  7. UN High Commissioner Refuses to Grant Asylum to MKO Terrorist Group
    TEHRAN (FNA)- The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Antonio Gutierrez stressed that his body would not grant asylum to the anti-Iran terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), reminding that the UNHCR gives asylum only to individuals and not groups and organizations.
  8. Iran starts paying Indian exporters in rupees
    NEW DELHI – India’s exporters have begun receiving the first rupee payments from Iran, Indian government and trade sources said on Thursday, kicking off a mechanism to skirt Western sanctions which have made doing business with Tehran tougher.
  9. 68 Maumineen martyred in February
    At least 68 Shia Muslims were martyred in terrorist attacks by banned terrorist outfits in all over Pakistan during the month of February 2012. Shia Muslims consider it is genocide which they have to face in Pakistan. No concrete action has so far been taken against the terrorists.