1. Syrian rebels reject Annan’s call for dialogue
    CAIRO/BEIRUT – Kofi Annan, the UN-Arab League envoy to Syria, said he would urge President Bashar al-Assad and his foes to stop fighting and seek a political solution, drawing angry rebukes from dissidents.
  2. India on diplomatic tightrope as traders head to Iran
    NEW DELHI — A 70-member Indian trade delegation headed to Iran on Friday to explore “huge” commercial opportunities created by US-led sanctions against the Islamic republic over its disputed nuclear plans.
  3. Solar storm shakes Earth’s magnetic field
    WASHINGTON — A solar storm shook the Earth’s magnetic field early Friday, but scientists said they had no reports of any problems with electrical systems.
  4. Russia opposes ‘unbalanced’ new UN draft on Syria
    MOSCOW — Russia said Friday it opposed an “unbalanced” UN draft resolution on the Syria crisis because it did not contain a call for a simultaneous halt in violence by the government and rebels.
  5. Shia Protest against the Saud family in Qateef city, Saudi Arabia
    In Qateef city of Saudi Arabia irrespective of violence by the security forces, protests have been continued against the Saudi family.
  6. U.S.-led NATO troops operating inside Syria, WikiLeaks says
    According to a document released by the WikiLeaks website, undercover U.S.-led NATO forces are operating inside Syria against the Syrian government.
  7. Bahrainis Responsed Shia Cleric Sheikh Issa Qasim and Hold Mass Anti-Regime Rally in Manama
    Bahrainis have held a mass anti-government demonstration outside the capital, Manama, to demand an end to the rule of Al Khalifa dynasty.
  8. UAE Banks Lose Billions of Dollars after Cutting Ties with Iran
    After choosing to submit to the United States demands and cut ties with Iranian Banks, Noor Islamic Bank, as well as many other financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates are losing millions of dollars, which they used to receive from the transition of Iranian oil money.
  9. Thousands of Iraqis march to support Bahrain revolutionThousands of Iraqis have marched in the eastern Sadr City area of the capital, Baghdad, to express supports for the revolution in Bahrain.
  10. Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) representing more than 100 member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency on Thursday declared support for Iranian nuclear program at the Board of Governors meeting.