1. Cops name 3 Iranians in terror attack on Israeli
    NEW DELHI: Delhi Police and intelligence agencies say they have identified the three Iranian nationals who planned and executed the bomb attack on the Israeli diplomat’s car on February 13 here.
  2. Iraqi Campaign to Collect Signatures for MKO Trial, Expulsion
    TEHRAN (FNA)- A nationwide campaign has started in Iraq to collect one million signatures from Iraqi nationals to call for the trial of the members of the anti-Iran terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as the MEK and PMOI) and accelerate their expulsion from Iraq.
  3. Russia says it won’t intervene militarily in Syria
    MOSCOW — Russia is providing Syria with weapons to fend off external threats but has no intention to use military force to protect Syrian President Bashar Assad, the Russian foreign minister said Wednesday.
  4. Bahrain to Start Process to Compensate Protest Victims
    Bahrain’s Justice Ministry will start receiving on March 18 civil settlement applications to compensate victims of violence from last year’s mass protests.
  5. Turkish warplanes hit northern Iraq, no casualties
    Turkish warplanes launched a wave of air strikes on northern Iraq late on Tuesday, where they often target bases of Kurdish separatists, but there were no reports of casualties, witnesses and border guards said on Wednesday.
  6. Najaf memorializes Shiite icons in wax museum
    The holy city of Najaf in Iraq will soon exhibit over 50 wax figures of prominent Shiite Muslim icons, poets and scholars that have influenced both history and the city’s modern life.
  7. Iraq’s Sadr bans protests during Arab League meet
    Iraq’s Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has banned protests during this month’s Arab League summit, hoping to avoid scenes that could embarrass Gulf rulers and their Baghdad hosts.
  8. Shia Mosque Burning: Another European Islamophobia Incident
    An imam was martyred in Belgium yesterday when his mosque was set on fire in the country’s capital of Brussels, seen widely as the capital of the European Union. A suspect was seen throwing a Molotov cocktail at the Shia mosque in the city. The suspect is now in police custody; his name has yet to be released.
  9. Shia black flags protest delay grilling debate Wednesday debate expected
    Liberal MP Nabil Al-Fadhel said he was behind the idea of bring the black flags. He added, “The flag does not represent Shiite MPs but a symbol of protest of the black day and tampering with the truth.” He noted the move was rotten and a suspicious attempt by the Parliament Office to falsify the facts and change the lawsuit.
  10. Condition of Bahrain hunger striker seen worsening
    DUBAI (Reuters) – The condition of a jailed Bahraini activist who has been on hunger strike for over a month is deteriorating and prison authorities may force-feed him, a lawyer who visited him this week said on Wednesday.