1. Bahrain Nursing Association demands end to Saudi invasion
    Bahrain’s Nursing Association has begun a week of resistance against the Saudi invasion of the country on the first anniversary of the arrival of KSA troops to help Manama in its brutal crackdown on protests.
  2. Bahrain University students sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and ongoing sham trials
    The Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses its grave concern over the continuous human rights violations against university students in Bahrain. A year past the start of the revolution, university students are still being subjected to injustice, unfair trials, arrests and torture.
  3. Three key members quit Syria’s SNC opposition bloc
    Three prominent members of main Syrian opposition group have broken away, accusing the group of serving the interests of foreign countries.
  4. Saudi troops attack student protesters, injure six
    Hundreds of Saudi students have gathered inside a college campus in the southwestern province of Asir to protest against poor services.
  5. Karachi; Nasibi terrorists torch Quran & Alam-e-Mola Abul Fazal Abbas (as)
    Sacrilege of Holy Quranalam-e-Mola Abul Fazal Abbas (as) were reported here at a shrine in KBR Buffer Zone on Tuesday.
  6. With Arms for Yemen Rebels, Iran Seeks Wider Mideast Role
    WASHINGTON — In the past several months, Iran appears to have increased its political outreach and arms shipments to rebels and other political figures in Yemen as part of what American military and intelligence officials say is a widening Iranian effort to extend its influence across the greater Middle East.
  7. official split: shifting shiite allegiances change political landscape
    In Iraqi politics, secular allegiances – Shiite Muslim or Sunni Muslim? – are getting more complicated and possibly less relevant. The latest example sees the formerly armed wing of the Supreme Islamic Council of Iraq splitting to pursue its own path.
  8. Belgium: Questions in Mosque Bombing
    Two days after a firebomb attack on a Shiite Muslim mosque in Brussels killed a local imam, the police remained uncertain of the suspect’s identity and local Muslims were baffled about his motives.
  9. Syria Puts On Mass Rally in Support of Assad
    BEIRUT, Lebanon — It was a struggle to reach Ummayad Square in Damascus, where many thousands of Syrians had gathered on Thursday to cheer President Bashar al-Assad. The city had come to a near-standstill for what the government billed as a “Global March for Syria” — a celebration, went the official narrative, of steadfastness in the face of a foreign-inspired conspiracy that had fueled a year of senseless violence.
  10. Delhi car bomb conspiracy hatched in 2011
    New Delhi: The conspiracy to bomb the Israeli diplomat’s car here was hatched in early 2011 when two Iranian nationals came to India to conduct recce of the embassy besides monitoring the entry and exit timing of diplomats, official sources said here on Thursday.