1. Satellite Captures Images Of Massive Sandstorm In Middle East
    ESA’s Envisat satellite has captured images of a sandstorm over Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and southern Iraq and Iran.
  2. Iraq bans security firms on oil fields
    With U.S. forces gone from Iraq, Baghdad has banned foreign security contractors, long abhorred by Iraqis, from the 12 major oil fields being developed by international companies, mainly in the south.
  3. Iraq bleeds again
    MENAFN – Khaleej Times) Terror revisits Iraq. The series of blasts that rocked the war-ridden Arab country from Karbala to Kirkuk is a serious point of concern.
  4. Bahrain Continues Suppressing People despite King’s Allegations about Dialogue
    TEHRAN (FNA)- Security forces in Bahrain violently broke up a protest in the Persian Gulf kingdom despite the Bahraini King’s claim about Manama’s readiness for talks with the opposition.
  5. UN Celebrates Int’l Day of Nowrouz
    TEHRAN (FNA)- The United Nations Organization held a ceremony at its Headquarters in New York to mark the International Day of Nowrouz.
  6. Iraq to Pay $480 Million Owed to Egyptian Workers From Years Ago
    Iraq agreed to send money it owed to Egyptians who worked there from May 1989 to June 1990, Egypt’s central bank said on its website today.
  7. Iraq plans oil export routes for any Hormuz crisis
    Albawaba reported that Iraq has approved a plan to expand its oil export routes by adding capacity from its northern fields and building a pipeline to ship oil from southern fields to Ceyhan in Turkey.
  8. Bahrain to go ahead with medics trial
    Justice minister says prosecution of 20 health workers who treated wounded protesters last year will proceed.
  9. Arab spring unrest slows Bahrain economy to 1.3 pct growth in Q4
    Island nation sees sluggish growth despite higher oil prices as political tensions remain after its uprising was crushed early last year
  10. Iraq could become next major car market
    While China is still the big dog when it comes to growth markets for automakers, Iraq looks to be heating up. As the country slowly stabilizes, the country’s 30 million citizens find themselves with a growing income and a need for more reliable transportation.