1. Iran backtracks on “engineers” release in Syria
    Iran on Sunday backtracked on reports that five Iranian “engineers” abducted in Syria had been freed – the second time in months it retracted news of their liberation.
  2. Fugitive Iraq vice president arrives in Qatar
    Tareq al-Hashimi makes first “official” trip outside Iraqi Kurdistan since December when he fled there to avoid arrest.
  3. Bahraini Shiite Group Blames Government for Death of Protester
    Bahrain’s largest Shiite political group, Al-Wefaq, blamed militiamen loyal to the regime for the weekend death of a 22-year-old anti-government protester.
  4. Iraq’s Maliki Invites Opponents to Meeting to End Disputes
    Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki invited all political parties to a “national meeting” on April 5 to resolve disputes hindering the country’s rebuilding.
  5. Obama inches closer to new Iran oil sanctions
    US president outlines measures to further isolate Iran, judging move will not hit US consumers or allies.
  6. Syria needs time for safe army withdrawal
    Syria has said a year-long revolt against President Bashar Al Assad is now over, but that it would retain its right to use its forces to “maintain security” before withdrawing from cities in line with a UN-backed peace plan.
  7. Muqtada Sadr will open office in Erbil
    Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr is expected to open an office in Erbil, the capital of the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region.
  8. Iraq slams Qatar, Saudi on arms for Syria rebels
    Iraq’s Shiite prime minister on Sunday slammed Sunni-ruled Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s stance on arming Syrian rebels, as Doha hosted Baghdad’s fugitive vice president who is accused of running a death squad.
  9. ‘Nuke deal between Iran, world powers possible’
    An end to a nearly decade-long nuclear standoff between Iran and major world powers will be possible if the United States and its European allies recognise Tehran’s right to enrich uranium, a former Iranian negotiator said in an editorial.
  10. Delhi in touch with Iran, seeks access to attack suspects
    The government is making efforts to gain access to a few Iranian nationals for questioning in connection with the February 13 bomb attack on the car of an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi.