1. US, Europe to demand closure of Iranian facility: Report
    The United States and its European allies plan to demand the immediate closing by Iran and ultimate dismantling of a recently completed underground nuclear facility near the city of Qum, The New York Times reported late Saturday.
  2. Denmark transfer for Bahraini activist eyed
    Bahrain is examining a request to transfer to Denmark a jailed Shia activist who has been on hunger strike for almost two months, who is also a Danish citizen, the BNA news agency reported yesterday.
  3. Queen invites ruler of Bahrain’s bloody regime to her Jubilee lunch at
    Windsor Castle because ‘it’s very rude to leave anyone off the list’ The Queen has risked an international outcry by inviting the King of Bahrain to a Diamond Jubilee banquet despite widespread criticism of his bloody and repressive regime.
  4. Audio Translation of holy Quran online
    The Persian rendition of the holy Quran by Master Hussein Ansarian is one of the most popular ones among other translations. The audio version of the work is now available at www.erfan.ir.
  5. Iran honors top nurses on national Nurse Day
    Iranians celebrate the Nurse Day on the birth anniversary of Zaynab bint Ali (PBUH), daughter of the first Shia Imam, Imam Ali (PBUH).
  6. Shiites start sit-in against sectarian violence in northern Pakistan
    The sit-in was started in front of the Parliament house on Friday night in which thousands of people representing Shiite community of Pakistan participated.
  7. Seven Dead, 21 Wounded in Bus Attack on Lebanon-Syria Border
    Shiite pilgrims from Lebanon going to Iraq were stopped at the Syrian border for inspection of documents on Saturday, when unknown assailant shot at the bus from a grenade launcher.
  8. Saudi People Urge Freedom of Political Prisoners
    Thousands of Saudi people staged rallies in Qatif and other cities to call for the freedom of political inmates held in the country’s jails.
  9. Family: Daughter of Bahraini hunger striker feared detained again
    Hours after being released from custody, the daughter of a prominent Bahraini human rights activist was feared to be detained again early Sunday, her family said.
  10. Gilgit-bound passengers left to count the days or opt for a dreaded route
    Bus services from Rawalpindi to Gilgti-Baltistan (G-B) have once again been suspended after a fresh instigation of sectarian violence in the region.